YOURSAY 'This is amazing. True people power. A striking contrast to the ‘himpunan' held by BN at PWTC on Saturday. It looks like the writing is on the wall.'

March leaders to stay overnight near Dataran

your sayGerard Lourdesamy: What is so great about Lynas that it must be allowed to operate at all costs in Malaysia? If there is nothing to fear, why aren't they allowed to operate in Australia or for that matter in any other Western country?

Those supporters who are in "love" with Lynas and are 100 percent certain that there is no risk of radiation, should just move their homes next to the plant and live there for the next 10 years.

Congratulations to the rakyat for taking this stand on the environment and safety concerns surrounding the Lynas plant. Umno-BN is not interested in the welfare of the people but only in enriching its cronies and enjoying the kickbacks from corrupt business leaders.

Come GE13, the rakyat intend to teach this corrupt regime a lesson they will never forget.

Kee Thuan Chye: This is amazing. True people power. A striking contrast to the ‘himpunan' held by BN at PWTC on Saturday. It looks like the writing is on the wall.

Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad says BN will win the upcoming GE and possibly with a two-thirds majority. Does it look likely going by this anti-Lynas gathering?

Even PM Najib Razak's rhetoric at the PWTC rally sounds like that of a potential loser: "We are ready to change ... it is not necessary to change the government."

No BN leader has ever had to talk like that on the eve of a general election. Times have indeed changed.

Magnus: Syabas to Himpunan Hijau chairperson Wong Tack. IMO (in my opinion), he has shown inspiring and exemplary leadership of the true kind.

I think Lynas have met their match in him and his supporters in this fight to save Malaysia from being used as a garbage dump for overseas companies which are prohibited from doing in their own home countries what they intend to do in Malaysia.

So how much in mega-sleazy kickbacks do you think must have been allegedly paid by Lynas to certain politicians to dump mega-dangerous stuff like radioactive waste in Malaysia.

Somewhere in the region of that 12-years' worth of tax break savings given to Lynas on their expected profits of the projected US$1.7 billion annual export earnings perhaps?

Newdawn4pg: My sympathy goes to the people of Kuantan even though a vast majority of them still are in the dark over what are they actually facing.

The only hope I have at this moment is that the people of Pahang will 'sedar' (realise) as soon as possible so that when they change the state government, then only will they be able to enjoy peace and prosperity as what being enjoy by us, the people of Penang.

Teh Chee Seng: Some 20,000 people (who are most probably not all from Kuantan) do not make the "people". There are 100,000 more in Kuantan who supports our current government.

Blind Freddo: This was a celebration of mass hysteria and paranoia over a problem that doesn't exist and may never occur - a monument to the appalling ignorance and gullibility of Malaysians.

If you are going to demonstrate, at least have the common sense to demonstrate about something that has objective evidence to support it, not something that you imagine.

Swipenter: Blind Freddo, please fight to have the plant relocated back to Australia. You have at least 20,000 Malaysians supporting and rooting for you even if it means more no job opportunities for us and losing the investments from Lynas.

If the processed wastes poison your Australian atmosphere and environment, imagine the amount of jobs created and money needed to clean them up. Another boost to your domestic investments and job creation opportunity.

You should fight tooth and nail on behalf of Australians to force Lynas to relocate the plant back to your own backyard. You will have my hysterical and paranoid support. Deal?

Stop Lynas Now: Please heed the following. Some children suffered leukemia from the Asian Rare Earth factory in Perak. Most initial symptoms of leukemia are similar to symptoms for irregular bone-marrow function.

Typically, most symptoms do not occur during the early stages of leukemia, and children may experience different symptoms.

The following are symptoms of leukemia that lead doctors to look for different types of juvenile leukemia: feelings of fatigue, repetitive viral or bacterial infections, bone and joint pain, abdominal pain which may cause loss of appetite and weight loss in a child, swollen lymph nodes under the arms, in the groin, chest and neck, easy bleeding or bruising, vomiting, rashes, and gum problems.

"Evidence" is the word used to fool Malaysians. If it is safe, Lynas will not send the ore 5,000km away to process in Malaysia. Simple as that. Don't waste your breath arguing. It appears that the life of an Australian is more precious than that of a Malaysian.

RAW: When it comes to the health of the population, it is better to err by being over-cautious. What good is wealth if one cannot enjoy it because of ill-health?

Anonymous #25235020: There is a difference between a great mind and a small mind. Those who are far sighted foresee the disastrous future Lynas will bring to this country based on solid evidence found in Baotou (China) and Bukit Merah (Malaysia).

Those small minded will just shout 'show me the proof', and their brain lacks the ability to think, to analyses and to extrapolate and can only wait for the disaster to happen right before their eyes.

HYL: Yesterday morning I passed by Dataran Merdeka and I can't help admiring these people with their commitment and tenacity. Keep up the good work and although I can't attend the rally, my fullest support and appreciation to you people.

Onyourtoes: I salute the determination and the tenacity of Himpunan Hijau organisers, leaders and those who marched tirelessly for the cause. All should give them logistical, financial and moral support.

If these rogues can do this thing to Kuantan, eventually they can do the same thing anywhere in Malaysia. The people must stand in solidarity to send a clear and unequivocal message to the ruling elites: this country is rich enough not to host this stupid industry.

Let others do it if money and industrial might are so important to them. We can live with one less fanciful meal in the restaurant or one less smart phone. Is this not what it all comes to?

Het: The Green March will become part of Malaysian history. Many thanks to the faceless heroes who started the march.