In  the light of the public “uproar”, the government should put the “flawed” Automated Enforcement System (AES) on hold and conduct further studies, BN component party Gerakan says.

NONE“I urge the Ministry of Transport to conduct further re-evaluation of the AES as there are many flaws detected in the system.

“Although it is a noble intention to prevent road accidents, it must not be implemented hastily,” Gerakan central bureau on environment, safety and quality of life chairperson Cheah Soon Hai (left) said in a statement today.

Cheah said the AES has elicited “massive complaints”, causing the four Pakatan states to reject the system, and blamed this on the government trying to “bulldoze” the system through.

“Gerakan itself has also received numerous complaints from the people when they are issued summons,” he added.

The Derga state assemblyperson also said that while he understands the reason to install the AES on highways, he is puzzled with the need to install it in towns where the speed limit is about 60 to 70 km/h, much lower than the highway speed limit of 110 km/h.

“I hope that the government would also install signboards and traffic lights with countdown to warn motorists about an AES further up front.

“This is because some motorists might panic upon seeing the yellow light and brake suddenly, causing more accidents, which defeats the purpose of the system’s implementation”.

He also urged the government to provide a transition period for the people to adapt to the new system while conducting more road shows to provide further explanation before implementing it.