Himpunan Hijau's 300km march from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur has given a celebrity shot in the arm in form of Singaporean comedian Tay Yin Yin, who was born in Kuantan.

Tay, who stared in hit Singaporean films Where Got Ghost and Ghosts Must be Crazy, is scheduled to join the march either tomorrow or the day after.

NONEAccording to Himpunan Hijau publicity chief Lee Chean Chung, Tay has planned to march along with the group all the way until they reach Parliament. They are expected to complete the journey on Nov 26.

The march, which begun yesterday, is a form of protest against Putrajaya's decision to allow Australia's Lynas Corporation to operate a rare earth refinery in Gebeng, a short distance north of Kuantan.

Lee said that the march is gaining steam as a few other Kuantan-based groups and groups from other states have pledged to join them.

Praises for PAS' unit amal

One Johor-based activist Chong Chun Yet told Malaysiakini that he and his family of four intend to participate in the march to show solidarity with the people of Kuantan.

Chong, who belongs to a group called Johor Yellow Flame, is among activists protesting against the construction of Petronas' oil and gas refinery in Pengerang.

NONEEarlier today, the group of 51 marchers had marched for nine hours from Gambang to Seri Jaya, where they will spend the night in a multipurpose hall.

Wong also conveyed his appreciation for PAS' unit amal team for escorting them throughout the journey.

According to Lee, some of those who joined the march during the flag off had returned to Kuantan to attend a court matter involving the Save Malaysia Stop Lynas coalition.

He said that some of the marchers had pledged to rejoin the march at a latter stage.

The group plans to walk Maran tomorrow. Other planned stops are at Temerloh, Mentakab, Bentong and Genting.