Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Women angry with Najib

Women's Aid Organisation says it is not up to Najib to decide if there is a need for women's rights movement.

PETALING JAYA: Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) took strong exception to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s dismissal of women’s rights movements in Malaysia.

Najib today dismissed the need for women’s rights groups in Malaysia, saying equality has been given “from the start”.

The prime minister claimed Malaysia is even more advanced than developed nations in this aspect.

Najib, who is also Women, Family and Community Development Minister was speaking at the Women’s Day celebration this morning.

Said Najib: “In some developed countries, the men were allowed to vote before women but, in Malaysia women had the right to vote from the start.”

Countered WAO executive director Ivy Josiah: “With all due respect, it is not up to the prime minister to proclaim that there is no need for women’s movement. It is up us – half of Malaysia – to decide what we want to do to claim our human rights.

“Our work is not over, there is still more work to be done by the women’s movement.”

In his speech, Najib said: “Don’t think that everything is better [in the developed nations] as we are way ahead, especially in terms of women’s rights.”

Still facing discrimination

He also claimed that the government and private sector are providing more job opportunities for women and this is also reflected in Budget 2013.

“We provide incentives like grants, double tax reductions and allowances to private early education centres so more can be built, and women can go to work.

The WAO is also astonished with Najib’s statement since women are still facing discrimination.

“We are flabbergasted at this pronouncement as every day women experience discrimination – whether it is domestic violence, rape, divorce, getting child and wife maintenance, street crimes and harassment,” said Josiah.

She also asked who are Najib’s gender advisers because discrimination against women continues.

“Statistics and data that WAO and other NGOs have compiled have shown discrimination against women in child maintenance, divorce, rape and domestic violence.”

“There is also an increase in female-headed households,” she said.

In addition, the Global Gender Gap Report 2011 placed Malaysia at 115th position out of 135 countries for equality in political empowerment.

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  1. PM Najib if you have any trace of moral, integrity or manliness left, I challenge you to do what is right & honorable:
    1. Fulfill all of BERSIH ′s 8 electoral reforms without prejudice. Show the people you are sincere & honest & you don’t need to cheat to win to fleece the people for another term. 2. Arrest A. R. Baginda for RM500mil kick-back & for abetting in the murder of Mongolian Altantuya. 3. Detain Samy Vellu immediately for the MAIKA, MIED and Telekom share scandal. 4. Arrest Sarawak’s CM of 31 years. His plunder and theft estimated to be in excess of RM40bil = RM40,000mil ! after controlling all aspects of the economic activities. Capture Sabah’s Musa too. Investigate the deaths of Swiss Mansor and US’s Boyert. Repatriate their wealth and give it back to the people. 5. Fast forward the PKFZ scandal in courts to jail Ling Leong Sik. 6. Send Khir Toyo to prison for corruption & sack him from UMNO. 7. Send Shahrizat Jalil to jail after a fair trial & freeze all assets of the NFC. 8. Ask for the people’s forgiveness for the Perak coup. 9. Arrest Dr MM for all the apartheid & corruption in 22 years of rule. Forex loss of RM$30bil….a long string of crookedness & crime from Operation Lalang to London to Sabah’s ICs. His sons are directors of few hundred companies and drive the RM 5.5mill Bugatti Veyron…Foreigners estimated him & family to be worth at least US$22billion. Freeze his wealth and bring it back to the Rakyat. 10. Uphold a fair 1 MALAYSIA for all races in Malaysia. I speak under NZ’s credentials of a top-ranking non-corrupt & democratic Nation.