Wednesday 24 October 2012

The ridiculous Malaysian obsession with Jews

OCT 24 ― Malaysians are a funny lot. In Selangor it’s easier to find someone who knows more about Israel’s political situation than that of Sabah or Sarawak’s. Last I checked, Israel is much farther away than East Malaysia.
Just last year, I walked into a local bookstore at Great Eastern Mall to find a special display dedicated to Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, his biographies and Henry Ford’s “The International Jew”.
Dear Adolf Hitler admirers, please look at yourself in the mirror. Is your hair the colour of gold? Your eyes as blue as the Barisan Nasional flag? Your skin, a prone-to-burning Caucasian white? If you can answer “Yes” to all those questions, feel free to continue your private “Heil, Mein Fuehrer” chants with the other White Power activists.
Otherwise, what is wrong with you people?       
Adolf Hitler was many things but he was no paragon of virtue. He was, instead, one of the most rabid anti-Semites of all time.
Anyone who hero worships a person who champions genocide clearly needs his morals examined.
I’ve read Malay blogs extolling Hitler as someone who supposedly respected Islam; after all, he did conscript Muslim soldiers as his troops.
Would those bloggers still be Hitler fans if they knew that Hitler despised Arabs as much as he did any inferior race? He referred to Arabs as “lacquered half-apes who ought to be whipped.” And before you start a mob to protest outside my house, Hitler said that. Not me.
Unscientific Malaysia had a good article about how Muslims admire Hitler more than he did them. One commenter missed the point of the whole article, saying instead: “I couldnt (sic) careless. He shoulda wiped those fags off the face of the planet. Pro-Muslims or not, the guy was one of the greatest men in all of history.”
Again with the Hitler worship.
I suppose it’s easier to blame the Jews, the Chinese, the West, rather than admit that we haven’t gotten very far as a nation because we can’t acknowledge our own mediocrity.
Japan didn’t start out a centre of innovation. When the United States declared independence from the Crown, the rest of the world had no inkling it would become the economic superpower it is today.
All countries had to start somewhere, as do we. As a nation, Malaysia is a comparatively young one. We have potential but we have a long way to go before we could rank among world leaders in any respect.
But we’re never going to move ahead if we spend our time standing on our little soapboxes yelling about how “the other” is bringing us down.
We seem to care a whole lot about Israel when Israel likely doesn’t care about us. To them, we are but insignificant gnats.
There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to greatness. But we’re never going to get there by making excuses and creating bogeymen.
So quit blaming the Jews and take a little more responsibility for who we are and where we are as a nation.

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