Sunday 14 October 2012

PM, surely smuggling cash is not the 'proper way'

YOURSAY 'A donor who doesn't wish to be named and money which needs to be laundered - it can only mean corruption!'

PM refuses to divulge identity of RM40mil donor

your sayAnonymous_3e21: This alleged crime might not be getting any space in the mainstream media, but it has been a real hot issue among Malaysians.

The fact that it was only discover by chance through the action of the Hong Kong authorities makes it more significant.

We can safely assume that such acts have been done on many occasions. The fact that the PM of a sovereign nation condoned and defended this shows that either he is a real moron or a lawless man.

Wanderer: "Every political party has the right to receive political donations as long as it is done in a proper way...," said Najib.

You called it this a proper way? The money was to be brought in by a dubious character who tried to smuggle it into Sabah from Hong Kong.

Is ROS (Registrar of Societies) going into to investigate this "political donation"?

Changeagent: The 'proper way' seems to be a very subjective matter according to BN these days.

Any individual or organisation (for example, Suaram) that receives up to RM500,000 in funds through direct bank transfers and with support documentation is considered improper.

Any individual (for example, timber trader Michael Chia) caught red-handed with up to RM40 million of undeclared cash with the intention of bringing the money into Malaysia as a "political donation" to Umno, is considered proper.

Swipenter: It is obvious to the blind that the "proper way" chosen by Umno was intended to conceal the source and the recipient of the RM40 million.

Aloysius Ting: For once I hope Malaysiakini was wrong in quoting the PM. Mr PM, if indeed you had said that, my question - is it legitimate to move RM40 million of undeclared cool hard cash across the border?

Not Confused: Mr PM, you can keep tap-dancing for as long as you are able. It matters not.

Of course, the opposition has its financial backers as does every political party in the 21st century.

But don't treat us like idiots - contributions of that size smuggled into the country in a suitcase? Please, can't you see how sleazy, suspicious and dirty that looks?

Garrulous Gary: A donor who doesn't wish to be named and money which needs to be laundered - it can only mean corruption!

Kelate: Because Singapore has S$10,000 banknote, its currency is an easy target for smuggling purpose - S$1 million is only 100 sheets and can be put into one's pocket easily.

To change into the Singapore currency in such quantity overseas is however not easy - RM40 million is about 1,600 pieces of S$10,000 at 2.5 exchange rate.

I remember that I once ask a money changer for only one such note and he has difficulties to get it in short notice in Malaysia.

So it is very clear that this was planned - convert the cash into Singapore's large banknotes with the intention to avoid detection. Clearly, this is a case of money laundering at least, if not corruption.

Abasir: A question that begs an answer: Is Bank Negara governor Zeti Aziz a player in this RM40 million 'transfer' scam?

A clear statement from her will help but knowing how wide and deep the stain of corruption has spread across all agencies and institutions, it is not likely.

AnonMsia: Musa Aman, as the chief minister cum finance minister of Sabah, has been given a free hand to siphon money which rightfully belongs to Sabahans into his and his cronies' pockets as long as he and his cronies finance Umno and win elections.

Michael Chia brought the money on behalf of Musa Aman via Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur on Aug 14, 2008 to finance BN's campaign in the Permatang Pauh by-election in which BN lost to PKR (Anwar Ibrahim) on Aug 26, 2008.

Indeed, Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud plays the same role.

Armageddon: The police stopped me for breaking the traffic rule and I gave him RM50. Is that a bribe or donation?

It's important to know who donates the RM40 million so that we can track if the donor has gained some financial return out of this.

Odin: When such acts as awarding a contract of a substantial value to a friend who not only has no technical expertise required but also has submitted a higher bid than others who are technically equipped are considered proper, then we need to understand that the word ‘proper' is relative.

As we know, this case is not the only one; there was another one not too long ago. There may have been even more, but they have not been detected.

The identity of the source or sources of dirty dinero must always be kept secret, or else the supply will dry up. It's basic common sense.

LittleGiant: What would have been the response and/or reaction of the prime minister if this whole episode of "political donation" involved the opposition coalition or an opposition politician?

RM40 million is an enormous amount. No "donor" would be a fool to just "give away" that much of money for nothing. Both Sabah Umno and the Umno headquarters in Kuala Lumpur have to come "above board" and reveal what was at stake for receiving this huge donation.

I just wish the opposition would be able to reveal the identity of its "donors" and throw a challenge to the Umno-BN leaders to do the same.

I am also shocked that "transactions" involving such huge amounts can take place without the knowledge of Bank Negara. Can the central bank vouch the legality of such huge amounts of money "changing hands" in the name of "political donations"?

By the way, where is Perkasa? If Perkasa's leaders have any conscience and decency, they should be the one to push Umno and the prime minister for some honest answers.

Onyourtoes: How come ROS never check Umno's account? Don't forget, Umno is the ruling party of the government of Malaysia.

What would happen if the funding for Umno has come from drug lords, prostitution rings, Jewish lobbyists, the Vatican, the CIA, Chinese Communist Party, arm dealers or human traffickers?

Imagine who is going the safeguard the sovereignty of this country, the dignity of our royalty, the Malays and Islam (Perkasa and Utusan Malaysia, do you get it)?

Now perhaps we can understand better why Umno is so ineffective in governing this country. Maybe it was one of those I mentioned above who is in control of Umno, which in turn control this country. It's time to open up Umno's books.

Oscar Kilo: Najib said that a shadow cabinet is essential in a Westminster democracy to show that the opposition has a credible team should they take over.

But Najib forgot to say that in a Westminster democracy, both the ruling party and the opposition party have a fair chance of winning elections. That's not true in Malaysia.

Ann: They make a big fuss over Malaysiakini's and Suaram's chicken-feed funding, but don't want to disclose the source of their RM40 million ‘donation'. That's BN for you.

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