Thursday 4 October 2012

Pakatan lodges report with MACC over mega kenduri

  • Hafiz Yatim
  • 12:38PM Oct 4, 2012
Pakatan Rakyat has today lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in Malacca over possible abuse of power and state funds in the wedding of Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam’s son.

NONEPKR Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin (right, in photo) led a three-member delegation that included state opposition leader Goh Leong San and PAS Malacca deputy commissioner Kamaruddin Sidek.

“There are three issues that we had complained on - namely Ali’s revelation to the Malay Mail yesterday that RM600,000 was spent for the wedding expenses - and this we feel is beyond the means of the chief minister.

“Secondly, we highlighted the exposure made by Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar that local government agencies including the Malacca State Development Corporation (MSDC) and local councils were used, and government funds were spent but not billed to the chief minister.

“Thirdly, we also lodged a complaint against the MSDC chief executive officer Yusof Jantan for chairing the meeting in preparation for the wedding, which is contrary to its functions as an agency which is to attract investments to Malacca,” he said.

Shamsul Iskandar said they spent an hour with the MACC officials to record their statement.

NONEHe hoped that following the revelation, MACC will take the necessary action to investigate.

“We have also provided the documents that was referred to by Mahfuz in parliament with the report. For us, this is a clear abuse of power as this is a personal function and should not be considered a state function,” Shamsul said.
It was reported that Ali’s son's wedding attracted 130,000 people, entering it into the Malaysia Book of Records for the biggest crowd to attend a wedding.

Chua: It’s not RM10 per person

Meanwhile, PKR vice-president Chua Jui Meng has questioned the chief minister's acceptance of favours from private companies and also state authorities during his son's wedding, saying it is akin to corruption.

NONEChua (right) said the CM's special secretary MS Mahadevan was reported in the Star saying that the caterers and other businesses provided their services at the wedding for free.

He also questioned the calculation of RM600,000 for food alone for the 130,000 people who attended the function.

“The RM600,000 bill as claimed is also generally disputed by many Malaysians as this would work out to less than RM5 per pax for the 130,000 people. Would there be enough food? Do you hear complaints of food shortage at the eight-hour wedding reception,” asked Chua, a lawyer and who is a former Health Minister.

However, he said whether the bill was RM600,000, RM1.3 million or RM13 million is another matter as “Mohd Ali’s blatant acceptance of favours for his son’s wedding is most unethical, akin to admitting to receiving bribes”.

Chua also noted that Mohd Ali was the same person who was barred from contesting for the Umno deputy president's post in 2009.

People pay for tents, CM gets it free

NONEMalacca PAS commissioner Adly Zahari (left) said the revelation made by Mahfuz is of concern as people are required to pay rentals to the council for the tents and also to lease a hall.

“If we look at the exposure made, the cost of food is said to be RM600,000 and there were 188 tents which I estimate costing RM56,000 at RM300 each. All this are allegedly put up for free where else it is the taxpayers who may have to pay the costs. In addition, when people rent them they will have to pay,” he said.

“I also want the chief minister to explain whether other personnel from the army, local council and other agencies were used to help with the wedding. This is a personal wedding, why should all the local council and state agencies be mobilised to help with that function,” he queried.

NONEAdly said the younger generation in Malacca, who have free access to the alternative media, would like to know the answers.

He regretted the views expressed by  several people in Malacca when met by Malaysiakini in saying that the chief minister was entitled to it and said this was not the feelings of the younger generation.

DAP’s Goh, who who was also present in lodging the MACC report, said the Malacca CM should apologise to the people for using state departments and government agencies.

He said this being an election year, the function which is a personal function can also be seen as an attempt to win over the people while using the state’s funds and resources.

“I attended a Chinese temple function and there I heard a senator (Saad Abu) calling on all people to come regardless of whether they want to give ang pow or not.

“Normally, a wedding is a private function for relatives and friends and personal funds should be used and not state funds. This is clearly an abuse and Mohd Ali should apologise,” said the Bandar Hilir assemblyperson. 

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