Saturday 20 October 2012

Hollywood couldn't have imagined the Altantuya saga

VOXPOP 'It is sad indeed that six years have passed and we have yet to see any inkling of light in the tunnel.'

Six years on, Altantuya's ghost still lingers

your sayFellowMalaysian: The anniversary of Altantuya's death invokes memories of the fateful day when her life was so tragically ended.

The court's ruling that it was not necessary to establish the motive for her murder has badly tainted the court's image right up till today.

The fact that the two convicted murderers were Najib's personal bodyguards says a lot about his possible involvement.

It is sad indeed that six years have passed and we have yet to see any inkling of light in the tunnel. Let's pray for her family's well-being and hope the truth will be revealed soon.

IKnock: So long as the Scorpene submarines' purchase issue lingers on without knowing how the money was spent by Malaysia at such exorbitant cost, the story behind it and the doubts/ suspects of executive involvements will be up in the air.

Surely, someday the time will come when Altantuya Shaariibuu's soul will be allowed to rest in peace.

3rdEye: The truth will never be known unless there's a change of government. Nobody seems to be bothered about the missing immigration records which is a treasonable offence. One can kill someone and erase their records of entry.

Investigators should ask PM Najib Abdul Razak if he knew Aminah Abdullah since he claims he doesn't know Altantuya.

Paul Warren: I am only interested to know who it was who deleted Altantuya's and her friend's immigration details from the records. Someone knows.

He knows that he too has contribute to the killing of Altantuya. And he is a desk officer in the Immigration Department.

Headhunter: Putting all the evidence together, it's not difficult to zero in on who has the best reason to get rid of her to the extend that no DNA from the alleged unborn child can be traced.

The whole sordid affair is so intriguing that even the best Hollywood scriptwriter could not possibly have imagine it. Some smart filmmaker is going to make a fortune from the story one day.

Jesse: The conspiracy and collusion at the highest level of government are obvious. Everyone is dirty and each protects the others, including the attorney-general.

The nation has descended into an abyss and voters still keep them in power, seduced by a few crumbs thrown at them at taxpayers' expense. Racial tension created by them is just icing on the cake.
Bah Tony quits: Chance yet for DAP to pre-empt warlords

Anonymous #76260609: Let us be fair to the truth. You can ask Lim Kit Siang, Perak DAP was once almost bankrupt.

Fortunately Ngeh Koo Ham and his cousin, Nga Kor Ming, both professional lawyers, joined when the party had nothing. Perak DAP had growth tremendously from 37 branches in 1997 to 174 branches this year - an increase of more than 400 percent.

20121221Disaster: If you want to be a leader in a party, you must play an active role to recruit members and educate the members you recruited and spread the influence within your area in order to be recognised.

You cannot just join the party and hope to be recognised without any effort. Durians will not fall from the tree.

Onyourtoes: Warlordism, if it ever existed in DAP, can't be thwarted by not having dual representation. That is nincompoop thinking - you think you have a simple solution to a complex problem. There is none, my friend.

Ipoh2: How much this has to do with 'warlordism' as Terence Netto suggested is anybody's guess. We have seen in the past how Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran was outmanoeuvred (in this case by the cousins) so that despite getting the most votes, he lost the leadership.

The perception that the Foo Chow mafia has cornered the party is a strong one. The cousins also came across as arrogant in the short time Pakatan Rakyat was in power. This does not do DAP or Pakatan any good.

If Pakatan should win back Perak, it will be despite the cousins and not because of them. And of course, people are fed up with the corruption tainted Umno-BN so that many votes will be against Umno-BN and not for Pakatan.

I don't agree that an exception should be made for party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, if the rule of ‘one person, one seat' is applied in DAP. Do you mean to say there is no one capable of running Penang except LGE (if he should opt for Parliament)?

DAP cannot have one rule for the others and another rule for their favourite son.

Jean Pierre: Whatever the reasons that Tony Bah left DAP, my heart bleeds for the Orang Asli. They deserve more than charity.

Sarawak builds RM20mil bridge to nowhere 

Boiling Mud: The bridge should be officially named ‘Bridge to Nowhere' to remind the future generations that the atrocious mismanagement and wastage of public fund would deprive them of a better livelihood.

Headhunter: Now we know why Najib was afraid to table the audit report during the budget session of the Parliament. The worms are crawling everywhere.

It looks like past audit reports are treated like used toilet papers by both civil servants and ruling politicians. The auditor-general is just a paper tiger.

Wira: Let's make no mistake about this. The bridge was built to literally serve the interests of the monkeys and orangutans. No project, no money.

Destiny Revealed: This is in line with the 1Malaysia Concept on Urban Development on the East Malaysian Budget.

Lover Boy: I really do not know what the fuss is all about? Those who have been to Putrajaya lake will know that there is also a bridge there that is left hanging and uncompleted.

If Putrajaya has it, Sarawakians also must have one that leads to nowhere.

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