Wednesday 3 October 2012

Sarawak CM's son 111 foreign accounts: Still no probe?

YOURSAY 'Now that it has come out in court, will Najib start an investigation on how Sarawak CM Taib got so rich?'

Taib is richest person in Malaysia, says Shahnaz

your sayLittleGiant: It is really 'fortunate' that Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib is the son of Sarawak CM, who is a 'great' friend of the PM.

If, on the other hand, Mahmud is related - even distantly - to an opposition politician, BN would have gone all out and made this divorce case and this court battle an international sensation.

And MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) officials would be happily flying around the whole world (of course, at the expense of our taxpayers' funds) collecting every bit of evidence. The MACC would not have waited for any one to lodge any report.

If the claim that Sarawak CM is the richest person in Malaysia and possibly in Southeast Asia is true and has basis, the BN government owes the people of Sarawak and also owes the whole nation a clear and honest explanation as to how the chief minister of a state managed to amass such mammoth wealth - with just his chief minister's salary in a matter of 30 years?

If he had worked as chief minister even for 300 years, it would not have been possible.

Nadarajan Rengasamy: How can we allow such things to happen and not do anything about it? Somebody in the government has to get rid of these kinds of leaders for the betterment of the country.

This beloved country of ours needs protection against people like Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Anonymous #32993250: Nadarajan, this is only one case, we have many more past and present set of leaders who have been siphoning the nation's wealth as if all the nation's wealth and taxes are for their private use.

This has been going for last 30 years and this has become a way of life to the BN and their cronies.

Queenie: IGP (inspector-general of police), MACC, Bank Negara; is this man above the law?

A simple yes or no will do. Don't give us the crap about insufficient evidence and whatnot, or that his wealth came about as a result of shrewd investments.

Kelate: Please change the entire MACC team after the election. They are in deep coma now - not able to take any action as they cannot complete their investigations.

JSTOM: MACC, are you taking notes? Or does MACC stand for Mana Ada Corrupt Crony?
Dont Just Talk: Sarawak CM's son Mahmud Abdul Bekir holds 111 foreign accounts overseas. Were they approved by Bank Negara? Wake up Malaysians; we have all been screwed by the corrupted government for over 55 years.

To prove otherwise, PM Najib Razak and MACC should take steps to recover all the ill-gotten assets of this pirate of Sarawak and his family/siblings totalling over US$21 billion.

Imagine, a chief minister of Sarawak can bring so much wealth to his family while Sarawak remains the poorest state in Malaysia despite its rich resources.

Yap CS: Now that it has come out in court that Taib is so rich, will Najib start an investigation how his Sarawak CM got so rich?

Cascara: But our PM has already pronounced that we don't have to layan (entertain) these stories.

Blogsmith: It's amazing how greedy people can be. This is not simple greediness. This is extreme greediness. To what extent these people are willing to go to get the extra millions?

The Real Duke: We only imagine they are so rich. It's only our perception. Actually, they are just so-so only. They put money overseas so that in case someone sabotages our financial system, they can bring the money back.

So you see, they are our protectors, so we must give them more money. They are smart people. We, the rakyat, are stupid.

Mushiro: Najib still tries to deny that Taib is the most corrupted man in Malaysia. If his son Bekir can be so obscenely overflowing with money, I just cannot imagine how rich Taib is.

What about his other children? And all, this is coming from a former member of their household.

Tailek: All this money is ill-gotten gains from massive corruption by the Sarawak CM and his family.

Now you are hearing it straight from the horse's mouth and this is probably only 50 percent of their wealth as the husband will never let his ex-wife know where all his money is hidden, just in case.

ABU: Shahnaz Abdul Majid, claim what is rightfully yours. Meanwhile in the process open up the can of worms as much as possible for the MACC and the people of Sarawak to see.

Bumiasli: Hey guys, wait a minute. Didn't Najib say that it's all rumours? Now that Taib's daughter-in-law, who knows all the secrets, has testified in court, so what more does the MACC want?
Anonymous #58437020: This expose comes a bit late, doesn't it? Shahnaz should have highlighted this years ago. The rape and plunder of Sarawak is known the world over, and the cronies surrounding them have also added to the rape and plunder.

How long will this continue, Malaysia? Does the current regime think that people will continue to tolerate this?

Ordinary Malaysians have to work at two jobs, and borrow to the hilt to survive, while the rich live it up and shows off their diamonds, yachts, holidays and other excesses.

Chuath: How does a civil servant get to be so rich? I thought that they are supposed to declare their assets? And we are worried about the flight of money out of the country by average, taxpaying ordinary citizens?

Fair&Just: Obviously, there are elements of corruption. Obviously, the father's assets are much more than the son's.

Obviously, the family are of ordinary human beings, not of the Einstein breed, so how can they amass such wealth?

This has been going on for years and no action has been taken, while Teoh Beng Hock was hammered for a mere RM2,400. It's obvious someone high up is covering up for him.

Ex Malayan: Lembaga Hal Dalam Negara (LHDN), wake up. Is Taib paying any tax? Surely the income tax department can go after him now.

Or is LHDN also going to do the famous Malaysian line, "If there is a police report, we will investigate."

Antibody: It looks like the chief minister of Sarawak is better off than the Brunei sultan. Why is the federal government keeping quiet about it?

I am told that he was asked to retire but his response was: "It's okay, I can retire, but I will take my party out of BN." Silence followed.

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