Wednesday, 3 October 2012

BN to take S'gor by hook or by crook

YOURSAY 'Umno wants to put their man in charge so that he can make trumped-up allegations, which the exiting mayor might have refused to do.'

PJ mayor's sudden transfer surprises S'gor

Tailek: If what MBPJ (Petaling Jaya Municipal City) councillor and lawyer Derek Fernandez says is correct, then the Selangor government can reject the transfer of Mohamad Roslan Sakiman, or refuse to consent to the appointment of the incoming MBPJ mayor unless it meets the state government's approval.

This is a clear abuse of power by Putrajaya.

Opah: GE13 is coming. Umno cannot allow a fair-minded person who "has performed his job well" to remain in such a position.

Bersih@428: As part of Umno's election strategy, Umno wants to put their man in charge so that he can make trumped-up allegations, which the exiting mayor might have refused to do.

Umno will do anything, even ridiculous actions, to capture Selangor. How else can Minister Noh Omar make a prediction of winning of 32 seats?

If he and Umno had the intelligence and capacity, they wouldn't have been caught out in GE12, right?

Tangling: It's strange why the PJ mayor is not under Selangor government but under Putrajaya.

Onyourtoes: Under our constitution, the local authority is under the jurisdiction of the state government, please don't forget that.

The local councils should fully exercise their authority over appointed officials, more so over federal nominees.

Ferdtan: Pakatan will have to look into federal laws to give back the inherent powers to the states, if they were to take over Putrajaya.

The federal government cannot wield too much power and authority over state governments. Too much centralisation at the federal level is authoritarian, and unfair to the people and the ruling state governments.

Even the special rights of the states, the controlling of the state lands and the water utility are not completely freed from the control of the federal. The federal laws of National Land Codes and the Utility Laws have restraining powers on the decisions of the states, judging from the recent Selangor water controversy with Syabas and the federal government.

If I am not wrong, all these centralisations of power at federal level were due to the lessons learned from past states' history. The BN warlords, the chief ministers of the states, in the past, sometimes were seemingly stronger than the PM himself.

Can we not forget how powerful the previous Selangor MB Harun Idris (1964-1976), who was marred by May 13, 1969 racial riot, was when he refused to surrender to the police when found guilty of corruption?

There was even a stand-off between the huge numbers of Umno Youth members defending him and to stop the police sent to arrest him at his house.

The then PM, Hussein Onn, had to hide the whole BN Aduns in a secluded place, free from intimidation from his staunch Umno supporters, to enable them to pass a vote of no confidence against their chief in the state assembly.

The PM after that, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, slowly erode all the powers from the states to have them in his hands.

Anonymous #8211967: I was thinking of a scenario where all states were won by Pakatan while the federal government was manned by BN. How many transfers would happen in 24 hours?

Blind Freddo: It's a none too subtle reminder to the staff of MBPJ that if they are beginning to think pro-Pakatan, this will be their fate.

Anonymous #19098644: It is time for the Pakatan states to amend their constitution and to have their respective state civil service commissions like Kelantan and Terengganu.

The chief secretary like the rest of the institutions of state, have been perverted by the BN regime.
S'gor MB freezes transfer of Petaling Jaya mayor

Anonymous #19098644: The PSD (Public Service Department) cannot act independently of the Selangor state government. This is a breach of the law.

It is ridiculous that an employee can be transferred without the concurrence of the employer, which is the state in this case.

This absurd situation has arisen as a result of the outrageous maneuvering of the chief secretary under the influence of the BN regime. Kudos to MB Khalid Ibrahim for once again defending the constitution and the people of Selangor.

Longjaafar: The PSD in Putrajaya has acted very crudely and has zero professionalism in this matter. The sad part is that our politicians have allowed themselves to misuse our civil servants.

Maplesyrup: I wonder if the Selangor sultan will now lend a hand in resolving this issue...

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