Anticommunalist: It appears to be that more and more people are more keen to go on the blame game rather than finding a solution.

What is everyone going to do about this obscene condominium project that has been put up to obstruct Lord Muruga?

Wira: In all likelihood, Kohilan Pillay wasn't aware what was going on when he was the local councillor. He was just the rubber stamp of a corrupt Umno.

Asamko: The half-past-six ex-MIC president is trying again to convince the Indians that MIC is still their saviour, but this has backfired.

MIC is one of the culprits in collaboration with BN to approve this project but is now using race and religion to threaten the present Pakatan state government.

However, I think out of concerns for the Hindus and the temple, Pakatan may want to renegotiate the height of the condos with the developer.

Like Kampung Buah Pala and many other BN projects, Pakatan will have to take care of such illegitimate babies.

Lim Chong Leong: Time and again, Umno are caught lying through their teeth, without even batting an eyelid. And the Indians are again the victims.

Yet many idol worship their MIC lords for the crumbs that are handed down. No wonder the Indians in Malaysia are the first to be taken advantage of.

Abasir: Now that the details of what was quietly approved by BN is out in the open, the next thing that needs to be discovered is how many of the temple committee and MIC members had booked lots in the development.

Abuminable: I am sick and tired of witnessing such unbridled greed. Those who have made a huge pile can't seem to stop to enjoy their riches - they must carry on like drug addicts till they die.

It was disgusting to see Nadarajah garlanding PM Najib Razak and wife Rosmah Mansor like deities. He must believe that all the gods are as greedy as former MIC chief S Samy Vellu and himself.

Bert: The MCA used the Talam case to get at the Selangor government, then it did its best to use scare tactics to divide the people by using 'hudud'.

Now it is the turn of MIC and their cronies to discredit the Selangor government using the condominium issue beside Batu Caves.

It does not take a genius to come to a conclusion that it is all meant to take the current state government down in GE13.

AkuBangsaMalaysia: Enlarge the approved copy of the development order during the BN era and display it in front of the temple entrance as well as list down the names and photos of the BN councillors who sat in the approval committee for the layout plans.