Monday 22 October 2012

Barisan Nasional delivers? Delivers what?

VOXPOP I have been in Malaysia for almost 50 years and what have I got? Nothing! I will vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

No turning back if Pakatan ruins M'sia, warns PM

vox populi small thumbnailHUMAN BEING: Barisan Nasional delivers? Delivers what? I have been in Malaysia for almost 50 years and what have I got? Nothing! I will vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

Rohana: Last week, we heard that the financial crisis in 1997 was due to currency speculator George Soros. How come that our neighbouring countries, which worked with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), are now very successful? The opposition only needed a couple of years to turn the economy in Selangor and Penang from bad to good.

Disbeliever: Mr Prime Minister, please don't make subtle threats. Even with BN in power there is no guarantee that the country may not go bankrupt. In fact, with so much 'plundering' by the Umno/BN cronies, there is a more likelihood of Malaysia joining the ranks of Greece.

You had 55 years and despite the mega projects and the development brought to Malaysia, it came with a heavy price - corruption, nepotism and injustice. Just look at the Pakatan-ruled states, Penang and Selangor, which have seen prudent spending and more: all achieved within five years.

I believe the rakyat should continue with the faith they have in Pakatan. But to allow Pakatan to carry out its policies successfully, we need to ensure that it will be able to take control of Putrajaya, God-willing.

Mr PM, you can't hoodwink the rakyat anymore. Just like in the movie - the world ends in 2012, the apocalypse is coming true for BN/Umno. It will be the end for your coalition and the birth of Pakatan-rule at the federal level, and perhaps in more states. Amen.

A.nb: BN has betrayed our trust. For that BN must go. We'll take our chance with Pakatan. It has proven its worth in the state governments. BN's 55 years' experience has taught it nothing about managing people's money properly, it seems.

Jbsuara: As usual, a mediocre PM full of rhetoric in his speech... but no substance. We do not trust any assurance from a PM who condones abuse of power, use of force against electoral reform group Bersih's rally, allows Malay rights group Perkasa a free hand to wreck havoc and send veiled threats against the opposition and dissenters, and who talks about practising open tender yet meddling into the tendering process at will

The country is heading to a 'failed state', with the BN/Umno in charge. A change of government in the next general election (GE) is a better option.

Righteous: What a stupid thing to say, that we have the best democracy in the world. If they screw it up we will vote them out, like we are about to vote you out. Don't be such a scared cat.

Alfa: BN is already on the verge of ruining the country. Pakatan has shown it can manage the economy of the states of Penang and Selangor better than the previous BN state governments. PM, please don't frighten us to vote for a corrupt and wasteful BN government again.

Armageddon: Penang, Kelantan. Selangor and Kedah are doing OK. No one starved to death. No corruption within the state government. If there is, the anti-Pakatan Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) would have acted on them fast. What really worries Najib Abdul Razak is no more side income for BN if it loses the next GE.

Maplesyrup: If we follow BN, we will be bankrupt, for sure. If we read the Auditor-General Report year after year, we know where is BN is leading us. If we look at how the financial affairs are being dealt with in Penang and Selangor, what does it tell us? Malaysians should start to look at facts and evaluate for themselves and not be led around by the nose by BN till kingdom come. Be wise, Malaysians.

Abasir: The dismal state of education, personal security, affordable housing, transportation, food prices, public services, corruption, national debt, etc, point to where we are today. We have hit rock bottom with Umno and its self-serving collaborators like the MCA and MIC.

We need to change the downward trajectory by voting in a new team to undertake the Herculean task of rebuilding our crumbling institutions and restoring hopes for our children. We need leaders who are not tainted by scandals involving murder, pornography, infidelity, money laundering, racist attacks and a variety of corrupt acts.

We cannot recycle the present bunch and hope for better days. They will never change. They have to go. All of them! A new breed has to take over... one that will be held to a much higher standard in all ways.

Anonyxyz: BN is clearly fighting for its life because it knows for sure if it loses the GE, the BN can never get back into power because Pakatan, if it lives up to expectations, will continuously get the votes of most Malaysians.

The BN is really in panic vote because Penang is a clear cut example where BN will never be in power again (unless very massive fraud is manufactured). It is not because the country will be destroyed in five years and cannot recover. BN has destroyed this country for 50 years and if we don't stop it now, then seriously, we can never recover

There is low risk to vote PR because now we are already in "high risk" - high crime rate, massive influx of illegal immigrants, high inflation, massive fraud and corruption, high number of unemployed graduates, high whatever that is negative.

Anonymous #76965586: It doesn't matter how many times you tell public that you are not liars and fools, but in fact you are. The rakyat has lost all the trust on you. We know that you are desperate now.

However, if you keep saying to yourself that you are honest and clever, you may be convinced that you are honest and clever. This will make you sleep better at night, at least before the coming GE.

iKtahu: This is creating fear tactic to frighten voters to vote for a new party to be the next government. At least we can be so sure that Pakatan will come hard on corruption, remove all cronies from government-linked companies (GLCs), or enterprises, remove those top civil servants who see or administer only to please BN, investigate all covered-up crimes and put in place justice for all those ills done.

BN can be in the opposition to check all means of crooked practices as it has huge experience in all forms of corruption, cover-ups, media control, rent-seeking, leakages and pilferages, the biased decisions of enforcement agencies and many more faults.

In five years our country will be in better shape, economically, culturally, racially, administratively and transparently.

MALAYSIAN LOVER: It sounds like this country can only be good with Umno/BN? I will say "this country must vote for change". We already gave Umno/BN 55 years, so why don't we find a better future?

This country really is a wonderful country. The only problem is bad leaders who are corrupt, abuse power, play racial politics, high criminal rate, etc. How to continue supporting this type of leader? These leaders bully the rakyat of Malaysia and just implement any law they like.

What is all this? I'm an MCA member for 30 years but I am really fed up with MCA, especially a leader like Dr Chua Soi Lek (it is a shame for MCA members to have people like him).

Thana55: We can judge you on 55 years of track record. It has been a disaster since Dr Mahathir Mohamad became PM. Malaysians must be idiots to give Umno another five years. Let me reassure you we Malaysians are not idiots. As for MCA, it will be wound-up after GE 13.

NX: To gauge what BN has done to the country, we need to compare South Korea with Malaysia. We are a decade behind them.

Hang Tuah PJ: Guys, to those who are of Chinese ethnicity, please lah, go slow on Chinese this, Chinese that. You are also sounding equally racists. We have so many different races in this country, can we agree on one thing, i.e. language and education?

All these non-national schools have really polarised us. Have one good system of education with people's own language (POL) thrown in, like in the good old days.

As for the citizens of non-Pakatan states, if you vote BN again, please don't crowd into Selangor and Penang looking for job opportunities to survive. Stay in your states where you chose BN. BN will take good care of you.

Jean Pierre: But Pakatan has proven itself in Selangor and Penang. Kelantan might not be rocking economically but it is governed well and the people happy. Kedah is a blight, but it reminds us more of BN. We have seen the Pakatan rule and we will endorse it come the GE. BN will be slaughtered at GE13.

Mushiro: It is not a risk to vote PR because: 1. PR states are ranked the top-managed states by the auditor-general; 2. Surplus budgets in Penang and Selangor; 3. No mismanagement; 4. No experience in mega corruption; and 5. They have clear and honest policies.

NewMalaysia: BN doesn't even fit to be an opposition, what more to be in the government? Even before the election, BN already conceded defeat. If is loses this election, it will be unable to win it back in the future. If BN admits it cannot win it back after losing power once, then it does not even qualify to contest in future elections!

Starr: An inexperienced Pakatan is 10 times better than the experienced, corrupt Umno government. Sure, once Pakatan helms Putrajaya, there will be no return of the corrupt government of Umno because we will be rid of such ills. This is what the country needs after 55 years of corrupt government.

Taikohtai: In view of the phenomenal level of debts incurred by BN, the next generation of Malaysians is already in debt and this may take at least a lifetime to undo. And no chance at all if BN is voted in again, unless another generation is enslaved.

Pakatan gives the best chance for Malaysia to compete effectively against the rest of the world and that's the only way Malaysia can achieve economic success. Half the taikor (big brothers) in the MCA assembly don't deserve to even wear the tong. Let the voters decide their own future and Najib will be lucky if he ends up with even a sock.

The Redeemer: This PM is so detached from reality and shut in a cocoon for so long that he cannot hear the cry for help from the people. Or perhaps he knows the inevitable that BN is going to lose this time and so he keeps on putting up a false front, continuing to mislead the nation. But the greatest sin is blaming the opposition.

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