The Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) is seeking to find fault in its investigations into human rights organisation Suaram when there is none, says its secretariat member Cynthia Gabriel.

"It is on a fishing expedition - it's looking to build a case to file charges against us despite not finding anything that is wrong in the way we have carried out our operations.

suaram scorpene case fundraising dinner 160612 cynthia gabriel 1"We have done everything in accordance with the Companies Act. Our accounts are up to date... so this is really a fishing expedition and very clearly a politically-motivated investigation," Cynthia (right) said.

She was speaking to Malaysiakini after she and former Suaram accounts manager Leong Mee Nan were interrogated by CCM for about three hours yesterday.

A corporate lawyer had accompanied them to provide legal counsel on a pro-bono basis, Cynthia said.

She described the interrogation, from about 3pm yesterday as "very technical" and centred around Suaram's incorporation, including questions about Suaram's founders, bank signatories, its promoters, as well as the NGO's operations and activities.

Investigation papers returned

Cynthia said she was able to answer every question fully.

"They are still trying to insist on the difference between Suaram and Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd - that they are two separate entities, when they are very much one and the same," she added.

It is believed that CCM is seeking to build a case of "money laundering" with funds flowing from Suara Inisiatif, the registered company, to Suaram.

CCM last week handed its investigation papers on Suaram to the Attorney-General's Chambers, but the papers were returned, with the chambers saying the investigation was too incomplete to draft charges.

Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said yesterday that CCM was still gathering all the evidence needed to resubmit the investigation papers.