The majority of residents from an apartment used to to film an advertisement, purportedly to portray a water crisis in Selangor, disapproved of the move when interviewed.

Among their concerns were a violation of privacy, congestion, political undertones and allegations that the message conveyed does not reflect the facts.

The shoot took place at Happy Mansion, one of the older apartments in Section 17, Petaling Jaya.
NONE"I am very convinced that this is a conspiracy. When we asked (the filmmakers) for details, they claim they don't know.

"But they are asking residents and extras, who are paid RM50, to carry pails to depict a water shortage in our area," said resident Dr S Paramananthan (right).

Actors were seen lining up next to a water truck. At times they were instructed to display anguish and shout on command while holding their pails.

Paramananthan also alleged that the filming was aimed at tarnishing the state government, in view of the lack of disclosure to the residents' association.

Several extras told Malaysiakini that they are not sure of the purpose of the film while filmmakers were not forthcoming, adding to the secrecy of the shoot.

Crew came at 5am

Another resident said he was informed that the filming was for a public service announcement, but was surprised at the scale of the shoot.

"I'm worried about our privacy. There is a lot of people here. As a resident, we didn't know that this was politically related.

"We did negotiate with the production team, but definitely not any political party," said the resident who declined to be named and has lived at the apartment for 30 years.

NONEAnother resident said that they had urged the film crew to move the set elsewhere to no avail.

"I told them that this place was not suitable but they insisted," said the resident who requested anonymity.

A senior citizen said that he was not happy with the congestion because it has affected his routine.

"I'm old and my legs hurt. I was forced to park really far away and walk.

"They have been causing a ruckus here since 5am and they disturbed my sleep," he said.