Wednesday 19 September 2012

Removed - sexist 'guideline' for female bosses

2:03PM Sep 19, 2012    

A guideline for female employers on the Health Ministry's portal MedikTV has been removed following allegations that the message is inherently sexist.

NONEThe guideline first appeared on MedikTV's Facebook page in March but went unnoticed until it was uploaded again on Sept 12 and reproduced by the information department yesterday.

At the time of writing, the department had removed the posting on the Facebook page but a Twitter post linked to the Facebook post remained.

The guideline appears to be part of MedikTV's infographics series meant for sharing on Facebook.

Topics covered include general tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, dieting and health trivia, to off-beat topics including genital care and middle-age female sex drive.

khairy jamaluddin bn youth volunteers 240612As for the guideline for female employers, the cause of contention was with the caption and why it was directed at females.

According to the caption, female employers are "rigid" and "nags".

The most prominent critic thus far has been Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin (left), who urged the department to remove the posting.

"Sexist and unfair, aimed only at women," he said in a tweet yesterday.

Prior to MedikTV's posting being discovered, there had been an uproar over an Education Ministry endorsed manual to detect early signs of homosexuality among school children.

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