Saturday, 29 September 2012

Outrageous to dismiss forex losses as 'old story'

YOURSAY 'This is a classic example of the Malaysian philosophy of ‘if you ignore a problem long enough eventually it will disappear'.'

DPM: Nor Mohamed's forex flop an 'old story'

your saySwipenter: An "old story" costing RM5,700,000,000 of taxpayers monies and not one of them responsible for the loss was even taken to task.

To add salt to injury, the man responsible for the losses, then Bank Negara deputy governor Nor Mohamed Yakcop was even promoted. This is the kind of callous and irresponsible attitude of Umnoputras.

No wonder, allegations of corruption by Umnoputras/BNputras and others which ran into millions of ringgit, tens of millions and even hundreds of millions are not viewed as shocking and seriously investigated by the police and MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission).

Compared that to the way they investigated TBH (Teoh Beng Hock) - a witness to an alleged act of corruption amounting to RM2,500. They literally interrogated him to his tragic death.

Voters, please do not forget TBH and others for their needless deaths at the hands of the police and MACC.

Ksn: Is DPM Muhyiddin Yassin saying that the huge losses suffered by the country in this case, other billions and billions lost through corruption, abuses, extravagance, unwanted projects with no benefit to the nation in the past, especially for the last 30 years when the RM100 billion man took control, need not be investigated and appropriately punished?

Just wait for the elections and watch what happens to those in the category listed above.

Foo: What "old story"? Were the main actors identified and brought to book? This story will remain new when there is no closure to the scandal.

Onyourtoes: DPM, are you saying all stories, no matter how heinous, should be forgotten in the course of time? Go ask the Holocaust victims.

If mismanagement, abuse of power, and incompetency are always hushed up, how do we move forward and how do we learn from all the fiascos that keep repeating endlessly?

iKick: The grossly under stated RM5.7 billion is not small amount. It could easily have built a new highway stretching along the West Coast towns with many viaducts or tunnels to enhance traffic flows.

Yet we have a DPM who has no real concern over what we have lost. How can it be an old story? Is all the corruption committed by Umno leaders old stories too?

The ‘old story' song must be sung continuously at Muyhiddin's Pagoh constituency until he meets his political demise. The best way to kick him out of the government is to vote him out as MP at GE13.

He should take a real good look at himself in the mirror to reflect on such utterly inexcusable statement.

Blind Freddo: This is a classic example of the Malaysian philosophy of "if you ignore a problem long enough eventually it will disappear". The trouble is the problems don't disappear - they just get replaced by a more topical scandal.

Odin: As we all know, Muhyiddin is himself a thief, and so what can we expect him to say?

By the way, at a presentation made on June 2 this year, Rosli Yaakop, who was a deputy governor in Bank Negara at the time of the forex (foreign exchange) scandal, revealed that losses suffered were actually closer to a mind-boggling RM30 billion.

These Muslim leaders gambled away Malaysian taxpayers' money from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. The RM5.76 billion loss bandied about now was incurred only in 1992. Note that - only in 1992.

Guardian: The reason old issues are brought up is because they have never been satisfactorily clarified.

If we have had a royal commission of inquiry, we would know the real loss and nail the person responsible for the loss. We don't want the person responsible to still be in a position to create an even greater loss for the country.

That individual should be ridiculed, instead of being promoted as a minister. Muhyiddin, saying it is an old story shows you are a low-quality DPM.

PaulOctopus: The huge losses is not an old issue as claimed by DPM. It is an old cover-up case being dug out today for investigation.

It is like a murder case being covered up and years later police discover it and re-open the case.

We have the right to know the forex scandal in all its glory details. I hope the people of Malaysia will pursue the case and leave no stone unturned.

Geronimo: What do you mean it's an old issue and you do not wish to bring it up again. Hello, friend, we are not talking about RM5.70 but RM5.7 billion.

It is our money and we want accountability, even 30 years from now. How about you personally make good the RM5.7 billion and we will not raise the issue ever again?

Yahoo: Does anyone realise that RM5.7 billion 20 years ago is worth much more now? Like RM20 billion!

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