Friday 7 September 2012

Educational group gearing to rally against Ka Siong

Unhappy with deputy education minister Wee Ka Siong's failure to deliver, the most prominent Chinese educationalist organization Dong Zong announced that it will hold a protest on Sept 26, in front of Parliament House against him.

Its president Yap Sin Tian today lashed out at Wee for failing to tackle long standing issues in Chinese education, hence should step down immediately.

He also urged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to step in, and help resolve the rash of problems afflicting Chinese primary and secondary schools.

NONEYap, (right in photo) unwilling to predict number of participant, stressed that the coming protest was not aimed at any specific political party, and it is just coincidental that the general election is looming.

He claimed that although Wee is named, but it is just because he is the government appointed person to deal with Chinese education issues.

Meanwhile, in a one page open letter handed out at a press conference today, Dong Zong urged all Chinese educationist to attend the Sept 26 protest.

It also called Najib to look into a few issues, namely lack of teachers and school board of directors' registration problem in Chinese primary school, as well as the demand for new Chinese Independent secondary school.

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