Monday 10 September 2012

Anak says acting Felda DG is 'tainted'

Anak, a group claiming to represent the children of Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) settlers, has alleged that there is an outstanding corruption complaint against the agency’s acting boss Faizoull Ahmad.

At a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today, Anak chairperson Mazlan Aliman said the complaint was lodged with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) on July 27.

“I am curious how he can easily be appointed as (acting) director-general when a complaint has been lodged against him with the MACC.

“Furthermore, the complaint was not made by any outsider but by an internal Felda staff member,” said Mazlan.

azlanWhen contacted, the Felda director-general’s office said Faizoull was out of town and was unable to comment.

Felda’s public relations officer Amran Shah has yet to respond to request for comments, while repeated attempts to contact MACC’s top brass and media relations department for comments have gone unanswered.

Mazlan was supposed to expose Faizoull’s alleged wrongdoing today, but said he would only do so should the authorities officially make him the director-general on Oct 1.

He said the complaint lodged with the MACC had touched on seven issues concerning Faizoull’s tenure as Felda deputy director-general.

He added that the complaint was also forwarded to chief secretary to the government Ali Hamsa and auditor-general Ambrin Buang.

Anak zoomed in on Faizoull immediately after the alleged ouster of former Felda director-general Dzulkilfi Abdul Wahab who was said to be at odds with Felda chairperson Mohd Isa Abdul Samad over the listing of Felda Global Ventured Holdings on Bursa Malaysia.

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