Tuesday 11 September 2012

Taib - an acid test of BN's 'Janji Ditepati'

VOXPOP 'Both lied. Najib lied by saying that Taib would no longer be CM by April 2013. Taib lied by choosing to remain quiet.'

Kit Siang: Will PM enforce Taib's exit promise?

vox populi small thumbnailOdin: DAP MP Lim Kit Siang, PM Najib Razak is unable to get Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud to step down. No one is able to. No one.

And why would Taib want to step down? Just to have a rough idea of how much his family is making - consider that some 99.7 percent of the bridges built in Sarawak from 2007 and 2011 were undertaken by Titanium Project Management Sdn Bhd, a company 51 percent owned by his son, Mahmud Abu Bekir.

They were worth RM1.178,410 billion and funded by the state government. No tender, of course. Another bridge, Sungai Sarawak Bridge, built by another company and worth RM213 million, was built at the Isthmus Kuching, which is owned by Taib's family business Cahaya Mata Sarawak.

The bridge benefits only his family's business but paid for from the state government money.

Wira: Both lied. Najib lied by saying that Taib would no longer be CM by April 2013. Taib lied by choosing to remain quiet in face of what Najib had announced.

Tangling: Welcome to Sarawak which is supposed to be one of the richest states, but actually is the poorest.

Come see people living in bamboo huts with no pipe water or electricity just a stone's throw away from the capital, Kuching. Come see how Taib Mahmud and his siblings live next to those below poverty line.

Gunner: No, I don't think Taib will step down - not until he dies.

We The Rakyat: Does Pakatan Rakyat really believe they will win the next general election? I am beginning to think they themselves do not believe so.

Why worry about Taib? After all, when Pakatan forms the government they will remove him right? No? You mean you are fooling all the folks here into believing you have the confidence to win?

Now that's terribly disappointing, Lim Kit Siang. We, who are anti-Pakatan, know you will never come to power.

Starr: Kit Siang, Najib has no power to force Taib into retirement. Taib, unlike his counterpart in Sabah, is elected by the people of Sarawak and not appointed from the central leadership, in particular Umno.

That's the fundamental difference between the two Borneo states, the rights of self-determination and self-regulation. Sabah used to enjoy that autonomy but since the entry of Umno-BN, the state has surrendered those rights.

Anonymous_3e68: Perhaps Najib has a lot on Taib. And Taib has a lot on Najib. Checkmate.

Keturunan Malaysia: Najib is a talker and never a fighter. Furthermore, his future is too bleak for him to be brave and adventurous.

It would take a hell of a punch to knock Taib from his perch and Taib will not give it up without a fight. His own dirty past is too close for comfort to give up the safety that comes with his seat.

Malaysian Bersih: Taib Mahmud have already spoken to DPM Muhyiddin Yassin about him continuing as chief minister in Sarawak and Muhyiddin agreed to his request.

Taib is pouring his resources behind Muhyiddin in an attempt to dethrone Najib. That is why Taib is poking Najib's nose and fearing nothing.

Chandran Siva: Indeed, come April 2013, Taib will be serving "janji capati" to Najib on a broken plate.

AELB - winner of 'stupidest statement ever'

ABU_sed: At least the Atomic Energy Licencing Board (AELB) director-general acknowledged that:

1) there will be radioactive waste;

2) it needs to be moved out of Malaysia and

3) if it is not removed, it will harm our people and action needs to be taken.

What is astounding is why our government entered into an agreement with a foreign company when they knew it is hazardous to its citizens.

Anonymous1234@: I am confused now. Will there be waste or not? AELB is talking about shipping the waste out of Malaysia, and Lynas is saying no waste will be produced. So what is what? Someone is not telling the truth.

Kgen: What is Malaysia getting from Lynas? They will enjoy a 12-year tax holiday, so the government will not earn anything from taxes. They may just provide a few hundred jobs, which may go mainly to foreigners.

In the end, we will have to pay a staggering sum to clean up the site after Lynas has laughed all the way to the bank for 12 years and bid us goodbye.

Fairnessforall: The reason why they cannot reject Lynas is simply because they have already taken their fat share of commissions to approve the project. The loss of the few millions or billions they have pocketed will make a big difference to their income.

Onyourtoes: I have the same feeling that based on contradictory statements issued by AELB, the agency is trying to hoodwink the people. That is why the conditions attached to the temporary operations license (TOL) must be made public.

If it is not there, it means there is no legal commitment to remove the waste. All the pledges, promises and undertakings are a mere hoax.

By the way, why are we discussing the removal of waste now? If my memory serves me right, I thought we do not want Lynas to operate here. You see, they are shifting the goalpost and we are following it like a New Zealand sheep.

Jedi_Who: This is like them operating nuclear plants and saying, ‘If the core melts, it is not their fault. Just bad luck.'

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