Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia's decision to front-page the views of a local scholar that ‘supporting DAP is haram (forbidden)’ only encourages religious distrust, DAP veteran leader Lim Kit Siang says. 
By headlining those views, the Malay-language daily is practising “gutter journalism” and “inciting religious conflict”, the party's parliamentary leader said in a statement today.

NONELim said that as a national newspaper, Utusan should be more responsible with its headlines instead of choosing those that go against the prime minister's 1Malaysia policy.

He claimed the daily was allowed to commit such “irresponsible” deeds because the report attacked the DAP, and not BN parties MCA, MIC or even Umno.

"(Had it attacked BN parties) the Home Ministry would have acted swiftly to slap a ban on the defaulting newspaper," he said.
"But here we have the prime minister, the home minister and the (BN) condoning, if not endorsing, such an irresponsible, despicable and seditious publication."

Utusan today quoted a grassroots religious leader, Abdullah Sama'ah, as saying that it is forbidden for Muslims to support DAP as the party does not support the hudud.

Abdullah said that the DAP is considered kafir harbi (non-believers hostile to Islam), unlike BN partners MIC and MCA.

MCA, ironically, is a strong opponent of the hudud law, and has threatened to leave BN if it is implemented.