Tuesday 28 August 2012

Using fear to win votes won't work any more

Day in day out, Umno and MCA has been frightening the people with their doomsday scenario should Pakatan Rakyat wrestle power from their clutches.

From MCA, its leaders kept harping to the Chinese electorate that a vote for DAP is a vote for PAS. Should Pakatan comes to power, MCA suggests, rather ludicrously, that DAP will bow down to PAS' demands for the implementation of hudud law.

Never mind that PAS would not have the numbers to push this through parliament since its Pakatan partners, DAP and PKR would never accede to it.

In fact, PAS would have to rely on the other sole dominant Muslim political party, UMNO to have any chance of making hudud law a reality.

Can MCA President Chua Soi Lek secure a promise from its big brother Umno that it will never consider such a political alliance?

If it is not able to do so, then it should refrain from lambasting DAP for its alleged subservience to PAS, when MCA dare not even stand up to Umno when it is being bullied.

More importantly, MCA must stop using the threat of hudud law as its main political weapon against DAP, as it raises unnecessary fear and unease among the main races in Malaysia.

From Umno, its leaders has been constantly painting a picture of apocalypse should Pakatan wins power.

"Don't take Malaysia's peace and harmony for granted", they exclaimed over and over again, suggesting that Malaysia's stability and race relations is so fragile that a change of power in a fair election could throw the entire country into chaos and mayhem.

The May 13th incident is being cited again and again.

That the two most powerful component parties in the ruling coalition would rather frighten the people into believing that such events could take place in a change of government, when the probability is so remote and unlikely, is telling.

Rather than acknowledging the real problems that are truly threatening the future of this country - corruption and abuse of power - and mustering the political will to curb these twin evils before it is too late - Umno and MCA are creating imaginary daunting scenarios in their bid to retain power.

Even on the occasion of Malaysia's National Day, BN is suggesting that the past 55 years of peace and prosperity has been a result of its sole efforts and sweat, belittling the blood and tears of ordinary Malaysians who has also brought Malaysia to where it stands today.

How else could its arrogance be explained when it wanted to use "Janji Ditepati" as the official slogan for Merdeka Day - and demanding it be voted back into power for having performed the duties on which they were elected to do anyway?

A government that instills fear in its people as its political strategy to remain in power, instead of appealing to the hopes and aspirations of a better tomorrow, does not deserve the people's support.

A government that does not trust the wisdom and rationality of its people to choose its next leaders, should not ask for the people's trust in return.

I think every like-minded Malaysian would send the same message to BN - please don't insult our intelligence.

Instead of creating an illusionary fear among the people, it should focus on the real issues that are actually limiting our growth and potential - corruption, declining standards in our schools, crime on our streets and rising costs of living especially in housing and health. No need for handouts, no need for slogans.

That is the way to earn our votes.

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