Thursday 9 August 2012

Umno’s final solution — Sakmongkol AK47

AUG 9 — Umno’s solution is something like the Nazi final solution. It thinks it can achieve national unity by pitting one race against one another. Today the Chinese, tomorrow the Indians and later all other non-Malay Malaysians. Eventually, it will apply the same gas-chambering treatment to the Malays who dared challenge and reject Umno.

Indeed Umno has already shown its inclination to political cannibalisation. The Malays who oppose and reject Umno are classed as either not having sufficient Malayness or apostates. The world of Malaysia is as how Umno defines it.

The majority of us reject this fascism.

And so we have a former PM of this country defining as citizens of this country those who came over to Sabah only on the basis of being able to speak Bahasa Malaysia and had stayed in Malaysia for a number of years. They stayed because the enforcement authorities allowed them to. They stayed because the enforcement authorities were corrupt.

This is a devious argument, simplistic and yet flippant of the matter at hand. It would have traction if the hordes of immigrants had legally come over to Malaysia, registered properly and abided by the laws of the country relating to naturalised citizenship. Then we would have exercised our SOVEREIGNTY as an independent nation having complete legal powers to determine the quantity and quality of those who want to become Malaysian citizens.

The stand as suggested by Dr Mahathir is similar to the loose woman asking her client are you done, while she reads the NST or Nanyang and smoking a cigarette.

They didn’t because they came illegally and adopting the Malay language had to be done to blend quickly. Their citizenship is questionable because people in Sabah know that they were brought into Sabah intentionally to dilute the population structure in Sabah.

We cannot give citizenship to people who came into this country illegally, smuggled themselves in or were brought in intentionally for the purpose of political balancing. If one million Indonesians had come over into Pahang with a similar population size, can the Indonesians be accepted as citizens by the Pahang people who will face the prospects of having Malay-speaking bona fide Indonesians as MB and exco members?  We might as well give citizenship to Nigerians and other Africans who entered the country and have quickly adopted the Malay language and have been cunning enough to escape the dragnets of our Immigration Department.

The Malaysian people have already shown that they no longer accept the Umno solution. The coming together of various races during Bersih 3.0 recently sent shivers along the spine of the Umno leadership.

Unless of course they misread or simply refused to read the signals sent by the voluntary coming together of the various races during that event. The setting has changed but Umno refuses to adapt. Those who don’t adapt, perish.

As a DAP member I am also ready to concede that in the long run, the DAP will also lose its wider relevance if it also refuses to adapt to the new social setting. The new social setting demands recognition that despite being of different races, heterogeneity does not prevent the sharing of universal and common values.

Different races value the same freedom and economic justice. Being of different races does not preclude sharing similar ideas about equality or sharing the same idea about a common future.

You think the right-thinking Malay is unmoved to see Umno abuse the Malay definition? The ordinary Malay finds it reprehensible when Umno exploits the Malay name to enrich the elite and selected few among the Malays. Umno commits the fatal mistake of thinking it can justify about almost everything by using the Malay name.

In response to the general vilification on Malaysian Chinese who are now more readily associated with the DAP, we ask who is the closest Malaysian Chinese to the PM these days? It’s a Malaysian Chinese who just secured a RM1 billion contract to do the Ampang LRT extension works. In that sense, the Umno president is selling out the Malays.

The video clip which I uploaded is only an ominous precursor of things that are coming. Umno’s direct or indirect support and endorsement to the film “Tanda Putera” must be condemned NOW as an attempt by a desperate government to drive a wedge in between the races of Malaysia. Umno’s black hand must be condemned as a highly irresponsible act of a government that claims it’s committed to democracy and a united Malaysia when really its interest is to maintain this country divided by playing of one anti-Umno/BN group against the other. “Tanda Putera” is another wag-the-dog variety of film.

Is that how one proves one’s Malayness? That is the way of an imbecile.

It is certain now that Najib had interceded on behalf of George Kent to award the Ampang LRT extension project valued at over RM1 billion to a Malaysian Chinese who belongs to the same ethnic group Umno is vilifying. The company failed the technical and financial prequalification requirements but for Najib’s intercession got the project anyway. This is the same Malaysian Chinese who was rumoured to have brokered the contract for the double tracking project for China Harbors.

Now, isn’t it the Malay leadership that is responsible for havoc visited upon the ordinary Malay? Why should the Malay countenance what the Umno leadership is doing? Umno is but one of a few alternatives available to the Malay to purse their objectives. When Umno is already rotten the core, its leadership consisting of half-past-six characters, why should the Malay obstinately stick to Umno?

He has choices and must indeed exercise his freedom of choice. If he does not choose Umno, he doesn’t cease to be Malay nor has he turned apostate. —

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