Universiti Malaya's (UM) new code of conduct strictly forbids political parties from spreading its messages on campus.

According to the nine-page document on the UM website, the new rules are in place to ensure peace and harmony on campus.

Students on campus are forbidden from spreading "propoganda and ideology" or sourcing for donations for political parties, on campus.

Also forbidden are any acts of support, sympathy or opposition towards any political party through the use of party logos or anything that can be identified with a political party.

NONEStudents are also forbidden from expressing support, sympathy or opposition towards any group, local and abroad, that is not suitable for UM's interest as identified by the UM board.

Other campus rules state that students are only allowed to participate in seminars or symposiums organised by the campus and approved by the vice-chancellor.

Statements to the press will require prior vetting by the UM international and corporate communications department.
Academic activities involving politicians will also require campus permission.

Campus must be informed

The new code of conduct was introduced as part of UM's efforts to apply the latest amendments to the University and University Colleges Act (UUCA).

Students are required to inform the campus in writing about their political involvement.

"This is to allow UM to monitor the academic performance of the students and ensure that it is not affected," read the document.

In line with the amendments, the code of conduct explicitly states that students are allowed to join political parties, hold positions in political parties, contest in elections, act as agents for political parties and involve themselves in election campaigns.

Students who are also political party members will also be allowed to hold campus positions such as in the students’ council.

Students are reminded to behave appropriately outside campus and any action detrimental to the university can be subjected to disciplinary action.

In the event of a breach of the code of conduct, students will be subjected to an adjucation committee hearing.