Thursday, 9 August 2012

The truth hurts, doesn't it, Khairy?

YOURSAY 'Thanks KJ, for admitting that the Internet is the biggest enemy that Umno and their goons now have.'

KJ accuses portals of censoring pro-BN comments

your sayFairnessforall: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ), there is no reason for Malaysiakini to delete readers' comments unless, as they have clarified, their terms of use have been violated.

You got a small bunch of cybertroopers who could not even get into university and you are paying them to post lies.

At least, what is posted in support of Pakatan Rakyat is really how people feel. Pakatan does not pay us nor have they hired us to tell lies. So you can hire as many idiots as you want, but lies will remain lies.

Loo Yee: Now let me test if my comment will be deleted. I support stupid Umno.

Narrish: Me too, I want to test: I support Umno. Malaysia Boleh.

Wira: Even when they wrote utterly annoying idiotic posts, I didn't find Malaysiakini censoring the likes of Aku Melayu, Don't Play Play and their shadows. KJ, like most Umno cybertroopers, is just another liar.

Don't Play-Play: The Malaysiakini editor is still trying to bluff. Most of people here put seditious comments, containing profanity and personal attacks. And still, they're trying to deny?

Foodforthought: Don't Play-Play, how did you manage to get past this 'censorship'?

ONG: Don't Play-Play, the fact that trash from you and Isa-Penyu get published non-stop shows that there is no censorship. Malaysiakini even allowed you to once use a filthy pseudonym like Rotten-Pigs-Shit.

Doc: Just for your information, KJ, a number of my comments, made out of sheer disgust for Umno-BN's antics, end up being censored by both Malaysiakini and Free Malaysia Today.

Absalom: I doubt the news portals censor comments in the way as suggested by KJ, but even if they did, they are far more professional and prudent than the MSM (mainstream media) such as Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times and Star, where the spins and comments are reckless, irresponsible and deliberately done to create racial tension and religious divides.

KJ, if you sense from the readers online comments that most youths seem to support the opposition, that is because they are thoroughly fed up with the BN.

Do you also realise that all these comments are voluntary - they don't get paid and nobody rounds them up to smear anybody? They are desperate people deeply concerned about their future.

Oscar Kilo: KJ should sponsor the subscription of Malaysiakini for some Umno cybertroopers. I would love to read their Stone Age comments.

YF: Thanks KJ, for admitting that the Internet is the biggest enemy that Umno and their goons now have, because they have lost the war on truth and are now demanding to close it in order to prevent it from being told.

Kgen: The truth hurts, doesn't it, Khairy? Malaysiakini doesn't censor comments. What you see is what you get.

Malaysian Born: The reality is the support for BN among the youth of Malaysia has been badly damaged in recent years, the attrition exacerbated by out-of-date propaganda exercises and a total lack of understanding of the realities of social media.

If this was not enough, the arrogance of the past has led to many positions in Umno-BN being held by people who are of substandard intellect and questionable morals, all of which could have been handled in the past via the government-controlled media.

This no longer works, so you have the educated youth looking at such behaviour and making a judgement that is likely to lead to the decimation of BN.

Hiu Woong-Sin: Out of the 63 comments so far, only one comment came from the BN cyber team, KJ? What happened? Team ponteng, eh?

YF: Testing, testing. Saya suka Umno, saya suka MCA, saya suka MIC, saya suka Kelentong. Hmm... no deletion. Conclusion: KJ, you're a liar.

Swipenter: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad once said that when he accused the MSM of blocking his views under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's administration, he turned to Malaysiakini to air his views - and did Malaysiakini refused him?

KJ is saying the same thing about news portals now. What hogwash. KJ should take to task especially Utusan for their twisted reporting on opposition political parties, their politicians and NGOs not aligned to Umno-BN.

Queenie: Agree with you, KJ. The portals mentioned should be as impartial as Utusan, NST, TV1, TV2, TV...

Hang Babeuf: And, of course, NST never, but absolutely never, marginalises or excludes or silences those who express principled doubts about the "official narrative" offered by that tired old "national management team" for whom the delusional KJ still labours.
Doing his best, poor misguided lad. A for loyalty, F for political sense.

Tidakboleh: How to support you? Whenever you open your mouth, you ‘bullshit'. Like when you defended the NFC (National Feedlot Federation) misuse of funds by saying it was okay to park unused funds for 'condo investment'? What a bad reflection on the quality of ex-Oxford students.

Imraz Ikhbal: There is some truth to what KJ is asserting, but it there is unlikely to be any foul play or discrimination against anyone. Let me explain why.

First and foremost, those whose comments are blocked by news portals tend to be those who resort to vulgarity, post rubbish or instigate racial or religious sensitivities.
This habit is predominantly the characteristic of those of much lower IQ and less fortunate upbringing. And it takes no Einstein to know that in most probability, these sub-IQ level netizens are in most probability pro-BN.

After all, it requires one to sink to a sub-level IQ in order to be pro-BN. Every other discerning rakyat knows who to support and surely their postings tend to appeal to the readers and editors alike. So how is that the portal's fault?

Anonymous #06001393: KJ is talking crap again, same talk as when he defended NFC. Just admit that BN people are not passionate or they no longer support you or have no-pay, no-work attitude. As we know, BN cybertroopers are all paid, as in the Malacca case.

Survivor: KJ, you are sore, aren't you? Some of your cybertroopers lack substance and most of the time, it is not worth even to peep at the content. Sorry about that.

Mushiro: Most news portals will not censure any sensible comment. This is only the practice of MSMs (mainstream media). Probably KJ is having a perception problem.

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  1. the sooner bn falls the better for the people of malaysia