Tuesday 7 August 2012

NGO to submit 'proof' of proselytising in Penang

Anybody can make up stories and get another to support it - 1Christians

The NGO that claimed foreigners were proselytising Muslims in Penang will submit evidence in the form of pictures and video recordings to Penang Islamic Affairs Council (MAIPP).

Pertubuhan Aktivis Pengupayan Insan (API) chairperson Nur Fitri Amir Muhammad said the evidence will be given to MAIPP president Mohd Salleh Man this Thursday.

"We have already contacted Mohd Salleh and we will be meeting him on Thursday morning.

"We will surrender the photographs and video recordings of the trishaw rider (who is a witness) as evidence," Nur Fitri said when contacted today.
NONELast week API had claimed that there were efforts to proselytise to Muslims in Penang, especially the homeless and trishaw riders.

API said two Caucasians, who appeared to be tourists, had approached those targeted and asked them about tourist attractions around the city.  

The duo would use cash and basic necessities as bait to attract people during the holy month of Ramadan, the group said.

To back their claim, API uploaded a footage to its blog showing an elderly man, who had purportedly been approached by the duo, recalling the conversation between them.

The man claimed the two ‘tourists’ whom he met in front of Kapitan Keling mosque were Americans and one of them can speak Malay.
“He talked about Christianity. He said he wants to give mandi air(likely to mean 'baptised')," said the trishaw rider in the 2:25 minute-long footage.
"I said there is no water here. He said he will come again tomorrow. He wants to meet to give mandi.

“He is American. The other one lives in Indonesia. They speak fluent Malay. He said Jesus is right and (Prophet) Muhammad is wrong."

Nur Fitri told Malaysiakini that the trishaw rider is in hiding due to concern over his safety.

“That pakcik told us that he will not be at that place for a few days as he is afraid that the man will take him to another place.

“The pakcik was always in that area because he received assistance from us."
Nur Fitri also hoped that the issue will not be politicised as API is a non-partisan organisation.

“We are not with the government or the opposition... We are an organisation which gives aid to homeless people and we came across this issue by chance when we were collecting data,” he added.

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