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May 13 film part of 'scare the Malays' campaign

YOURSAY 'The campaign has now recruited the likes of filmmaker Shuhaimi Baba with her blatant lies on celluloid to demonise DAP.'

Kit Siang denies urinating on flagpole outside MB's house

your sayRealSoldier: It's simply absurd to accuse LKS (DAP leader Lim Kit Siang) of performing such a despicable act because the flagpole was not freely accessible to the public as it was located within the compound of the MB's (then Selangor menteri besar Harun Idris') house, which was fenced and manned by a jaga (security guard).

By accident, I was at the MB's house on that fateful day - from 3am to 5.30am the next day - to follow rescue operations by the security forces.

FREE: The picture of LKS being grabbed and manhandled by officers was taken at the Kota Kinabalu old airport terminal.

Those officers in white-shirt uniform were immigration officers when (then Sabah CM) Harris Salleh ordered the deportation of LKS from Sabah.

I was inside a plane and saw from the window that LKS was put on a wheelchair and wheeled to the plane for deportation back to Kuala Lumpur.

Abasir: Umno's plan is to raise the 'spectre' of a Chinese DAP to scare uninformed, rent-seeking Malays. This has been the case ever since it realised that the Malay vote is split and that all calls for so-called 'Malay unity' has fallen on deaf years.

The 'scare the Malays' campaign has now recruited the likes of filmmaker Shuhaimi Baba with her blatant lies on celluloid to demonise not just Lim Kit Siang, but the image of DAP as a responsible and disciplined party.

The film will probably be released just before polling day in theatres in Malay-majority areas. It is obvious that prostitution in Malaysia is not restricted to the media types alone.

Watcher: It's so sad that the once ‘mighty BN' has to stoop so low in producing such a movie which doesn't promote unity.

Obviously the BN government is using crooked ways to stay in power. Let's wait and see what the rakyat will do in GE13. If BN stays in power, then we deserve the government we get.

Anonymous #62163581: Kit Siang, seek them out and sue them. Why are these racists allowed to post their lies?

Still, let them shoot themselves in the foot again. The rakyat should boycott the film for the lies are already made evident.

Be-End: Another smear campaign by PM Najib Razak. Do you trust what they said?

Bob Teoh: To get to the bottom of the matter, the government must declassify documents pertaining to May 13 under the Official Secrets Act for public access.

The Special Branch should also declassify its secret documentation of the TPCA Stadium rally in 1987 by Umno Youth led by its then chief, Najib. This will prove once and for all whether Najib did utter those seditious words of racial vilification. It will also show Umno Youth members were drunk with their hatred for Chinese.

I was witness to this as I was there in the stadium until I was forced to leave as the mob was turning highly hostile. Some Special Branch officers there told me and other non-Malay journalists to leave the stadium as they could not guarantee our safety.

They then offered to escort us out of the stadium. This was the same mass hysteria whipped up by Umno that sparked off May 13. Umno is no stranger to hooliganism to achieve its cause.

Longyan Ren: I lived through the May 13 period. This is just mind-boggling - if indeed LKS did the act, why had no one ever seen, mentioned or heard about it during the intervening 46 years until now?

Umno-BN is digging its own grave. You are going to face a horrendous backlash from the electorate, and you will regret playing such a stupid and inflammatory game.

Fair Play: LKS, look at the bright side. With such idiotic antic on their part, how can you lose in GE13. Why bother to respond to their allegations. If they have concrete 'evidence', they would have 'destroyed' you a long time ago. Why now?

Tekee: Ask any old timers who was in Kuala Lumpur at that time and lived through it all and it's doubtful if they have even heard of such a blatant lie.

So much for "research" when Kua Kia Soong's book gave a pretty good account of events. In fact, some people who were there can attest that some of the most raucous celebrants rode on Gerakan campaign pick-up/small lorries.

Bluemountains: What has MCA and Gerakan got to say about LKS urinating under the flagpole? By keeping quiet, they may be construed as being in agreement with the devil.

All elderly Chinese know exactly how and who started May 13 near the then MB's residence.

Ferdtan: To pre-empt the showing of the movie by the Malaysian version of Joseph Goebbels, Lim Kit Siang should sue or get a court injunction against the director Shuhaimi Baba and National Film Development Board (Finas).

Also to all those actors and actresses, especially the Chinese, who acted in the film - shame on you. Don't tell us you don't know what the film is about? The inflammable banners that you carry in the film tell you the story.

Odin: A repeat of the 13 May riot is precisely what Umno Baru wants, so that it can declare a state of emergency like Abdul Razak did in 1969 to remain in power.

We can see that from Najib's refusal to state whether the BN would cede power peacefully should it lose in the GE13, Muhyiddin Yassin's recent frequent mention of the incident, and the fact that this film was fully funded by Finas and MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation).

Naturally, DAP is portrayed in the film as the culprit. It is senseless to expect Najib to do anything but allow the film to be screened; he wants it.

It is also futile to expect him to rein in their cyber maggots; he, through Information Minister Rais Yatim, has set the maggots loose on the Net.

Lim Chong Leong: Like father, like son. This is the only way they know - rampas kuasa through May 13, and now May 13 II, by spreading lies and creating anger against non-Malays.

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