Wednesday 15 August 2012

Klowns kidding themselves - Dean Johns

The credibility of Umno/BN members and their spokespersons (spokespoisons?) in the mainstream and online media has sunk to such disastrous depths that they and their cronies are the only people these clowns are kidding.

NONELiterally, in the case of kidder-in-chief of the kids, Umno Youth head Khairy Jamaluddin. There he was the other day at his latest desperate attempt to portray himself as Malaysia’s political Peter Pan, the launch of the BN Youth Cyber Team, trying to kid whoever would listen that Internet news portals censor comments in favour of BN.

Of course he has no evidence whatever that such censorship actually occurs. Though it would be only fair if it did, if only in retaliation for the decades-long censorship and spinning of the nation’s entire print and air media in the regime’s favour.

But Khairy is notoriously all youth and no truth, so he used his false claim of censorship by Internet news portals to justify the creation of BNYCT, a team of kiddies devoted to trying to kid themselves, if nobody else, that significant numbers of Malaysian youth support BN.

As usual, Malaysiakini gave the lie to Khairy’s claims of anti-BN bias by reporting his speech in some detail, including his assertion that BNYCT was “not a cybertrooper team but a platform where the younger generation could interact on the social media, through Facebook and Twitter, and for them to get the correct information about BN.”

But unfortunately for Kid Khairy, it seems to me that overwhelming numbers of Malaysian youth are already equipped with sufficient “correct information” about BN to make them sick to their stomachs.

And, despite concerted attempts by the regime to treat them like ignorant juveniles, in an education system eloquently and tragically described in a recent article by 'Ipohgal' to which my old mate Vijay kindly sent me the link, most are sufficiently savvy to see Khairy for nothing but a teller of childish fairytales.

As he so clearly revealed in the recruitment video for his previous exercise in virtual fantasy, the Barisan Nasional Youth Volunteers initiative, where he appealed for young people willing to spread the regime’s lying message with the remark that: “If you repeat something 1,000 times, people will believe it. If you say the sky is red 1,000 times, people will go outside and look at the sky.”

‘Supreme self-kidder’

And speaking of pie in the sky, Khairy’s announcement that his nit-witted BNYCT is open to pro-BN and pro-government cyber volunteers “who believe in Najib’s leadership” only serves to remind us, young and old alike, of the fact that Najib is Malaysia’s supreme self-kidder with such fake events as his “Millions of Youths” gathering in Putrajaya earlier this year.

As you’ll no doubt recall, he tried kidding the crowd of several thousand youths bussed-in for this charade and provided with free “I love PM” t-shirts that a mere “handful of youths” had attended the massive Bersih 3.0 rally that he claimed tried to “hijack the country’s agenda and image.”

He urged his captive audience to avoid falling prey to “instigation and slanders posted on the Internet and speeches of irresponsible people who incite us” before trying to kid both the kids and himself that the “expressions of love” on their t-shirts reflected their “respect and love of the leader”.

He spouted more childish nonsense of a similar ilk at his subsequent address to the Malaysian Young Thinkers Convention in his call for the younger generation to “evaluate the achievements of the government from all aspects and not based on political perception and rhetoric”, before proceeding with the patronising call for youths to “acquire skills and take note that some of them were earning an income of RM3,000 by selling cupcakes”.

NONEAnd as if that wasn’t inane enough to convince any youths with half a brain that he must be kidding, he then launched some infantile initiative called 'Genovasi' allegedly aimed at “developing youth to become the nation’s ambassadors”.
What a load of utter nonsense this was, with its stated aim, according to BN’s so-called ‘news’ agency, Bernama, of being a “partner with global innovation leaders to impart innovation, skills, expertise and methodologies to the new generation of Malaysian innovation ambassadors.”

Hands up any boy or girl in the class who can tell me what, if anything, this meant. Nobody? I thought not, because it’s a load of such utter gobbledygook as to put 'The Cat in the Hat' to shame.

And there was lots more in the same vein, like Genovasi, will be launched early next year, Najib expects it to be granted university status within five years.

"A board of visionaries will guide and advise Genovasi, and Genovasi would provide an avenue for youth to integrate with the nation, offering their passion and commitment to build a Malaysia that is able to reach for the stars,” he had said.

Harsh realities facing the youth

But let’s come back to earth for a moment and take a look at the harsh realities facing the youth of Malaysia despite its being child’s play to make a killing out of baking cupcakes, or earning pocket-money by cybersneaking for BN or turning up to cheer the PM.

azlanOne young Malaysian who so reached for the stars as to become a political secretary for an opposition MP in his early twenties, Teoh Beng Hock, mysteriously crashed to the ground out of a window of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission building and nobody has been held accountable.

And much more recently, the Court of Appeal’s overturning of a decision to jail a young bowler convicted of having sex with a 13-year-old girl and release him on a bond because he allegedly has a “bright future”.

Such typical injustices, together with the stupid, politicised education system, the denial of the vote until the age of 21 and the Universities and University Colleges Act forbidding student participation in politics, on top of all the other crimes of this corrupt and inept regime, all combine to make it child’s play for the opposition to attract the support of idealistic, intelligent youth.

And all this clownish regime’s lame, lying attempts to ingratiate itself with kids only serve to further illustrate the fact that it’s well and truly on the skids.

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