Police have urged Bersih-linked NGOs not to politicise the countdown to Aug 31 at Dataran Merdeka and the Merdeka Day celebrations as well.
NONE“Merdeka celebrations involve all Malaysians, don't make it a political issue.
"We, the people of Malaysia, want to welcome our 55th year of independence with joy," inspector-general of police Ismail Omar (left in photo)said today.

Ismail said this in reference to the plan by 26 pro-Bersih NGOs to wear yellow during the countdown, to remind the government of its unfulfilled promises for clean and fair elections.

The NGOs plan to hold an alternative Merdeka Day countdown at Dataran Merdeka, dubbed Janji Bersih (Clean Promises) - and have asked participants to don yellow to symbolise their struggle for electoral reform.
The event would be held near a fountain on the northern corner of Dataran Merdeka, adjacent to the venue of the government-sponsored celebrations.

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