Tuesday 21 August 2012

Evidence Act's 114A: Burden of proof on gov't

'AG Abdul Gani Patail's explanation is not necessary. The amendment is a travesty to justice. It is as simple as that.'

Hisham: AG will explain Evidence Act amendments

vox populi small thumbnailFerdtan: Here's Police 101 to trap an opponent to the BN government using Evidence Act.

While the website owner is asleep (where moderation is not done), anonymously key in seditious comments at 3am and by 6am, the police would be at your doorstep with evidence downloaded at 4am.

When Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein reassured 'right-thinking' users not to worry, it's time to worry. Everyone of us can be arrested for sedition - all it needs is for the attorney-general to decide - if the enforcement authority so wishes.

Odin: AG Abdul Gani Patail's explanation is not necessary. The amendment is a travesty to justice. It is as simple as that. Just admit that it has been drafted and passed in a haste, and repeal it.

Kgen: If an online article appears with your name and photo depicting you as the author you are deemed to be the author unless you can prove otherwise. Let's test this.

How about an article criticising royalty with Hishammuddin as the author and let him prove he is not the author?

Tekee: Hishammuddin is supposedly a lawyer himself but he cannot explain the amendment to the Evidence Act?

Actually the word "explain" here can be better substituted with "justify". He conveniently passes the buck and the assured hazard of attempting to justifying a bad law.

Not Convinced: Our worry is not just the bad laws, but whether they are used selectively by the government.

Will it be the case of Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali and Jati's Hasan Ali being left off the hook, while the authorities go after the likes of DAP's Karpal Singh and Malaysiakini cartoonist Zunar?

CN Yee: Does Hishammuddin mean the law is not how it is stated, without any ambiguities? So that law is subjected to the 'explanation' and 'interpretation' of the AG?

The Bar Council and various experts has already explained what section 114A of the Evidence Act means based on how it is stated. How can AG's 'interpretation' be any different?

Boom Boom Pow!: I once met a Malay entrepreneur who said he had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Hishammuddin. His description was that Hishammuddin seemed kind of dense and lacked thinking skills which should befit a person of a minister's position.

Will I get arrested for sharing this?

Serdang water woes political, says resident

Anonymous #59599842: Why does the BN government spends so much money (RM8.5 billion) to get water from Pahang by laying pipes through mountains and thick forest when they can get water cheaply from neighouring states such as Perak?

They can get water from the Sungai Bernam, nearby Teluk Intan or even from the the Perak river. What they have to do is just dig a canal through flat land and bring it over to Selangor. The cost is very cheap and the distance is also near.

The Langat 2 project should be scraped and Syabas should be taken over by the Selangor government, which in a short time, performed incredibly well.

Syabas to Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim for refusing to give in to Langat 2, otherwise Selangorians will have to pay a high price for water in future.

Bersih@428: Water is a natural resource. It belongs to the people and so the people, through the state, should rightfully own it.

The rogue Umno government had handed this critical resource to its crony, Syabas chief Rozali Ismail, who by way is Selangor Umno treasurer.

Look at what they take home as salary while Syabas is declaring a loss. Worse still, Rozali is working hand in glove to create a perception of an impending water crisis when it is the other way round.

And we know that Rozali has outsourced, at a very low cost, the supply of pipes to Syabas to his own company in Indonesia.

Anonymous #43051382: Imagine no water for these Serdang residents, but the Syabas CEO is living a luxurious life with a RM5.1 million annual paycheck. Way to go, 1Funny Malaysia.

Anonymous_40f4: Puncak Niaga, Syabas, etc, are controlled by Umno super cronies. They work for Umno to squeeze the Selangor rakyat to vote for Umno-BN so they can continue with their plundering.

Syabas' chief lives like a maharaja in his Wisma Rozali while the taps are shut for the rakyat. PM Najib Razak doesn't care. He is desperate and he must hold on to Putrajaya.

AkuBangsaMalaysia: This time I will vote for Pakatan Rakyat again to get benefits from both the BN federal government and the Pakatan state governments.

It will also act as a check and balance for the ruling parties, both at state and federal levels. I view the water crisis in Selangor as a man-made crisis to gain political mileage.

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