Perlis mufti Juanda Jaya has described Islamic teacher Abdullah Sa’amah’s claim that it is haram for Muslims to support DAP as “strange”, “extreme”, “childish” and “outdated”.

dr juanda jaya perlis mufti candidate 081106In an email interview, Juanda (left) said such views should not be taken seriously because they are not reflective of Islamic teachings, and are not in line with the federal constitution and democracy.

“Thus, those who highlight and give room to such extreme and anti-democratic views, and who are inclined towards causing arguments in a peaceful country like Malaysia, have an attitude that is very disappointing,” he said.

Juanda was replying questions on whether Abdullah’s comments have any basis and if these could have any impact on society.

He said Malaysia is a plural society and Muslims should vote for those who fulfil the needs of Islam and who can bring stability to the country.

“Malaysians, especially Muslims, must understand that nation building is our joint responsibility. It is not just the work of politicians,” he said.

Abdullah, a religious teacher in Tumpat, Kelantan, rose to national prominence after Utusan Malaysia ran back-to-back front page reports last week on his call for Muslims to reject DAP.

'Not smart move'

Juanda said he considers Abdullah’s attempt to classify DAP as “kafir harbi” (enemy of Islam) as a declaration of war against non-Muslims, a move which he described as “tidak cerdik" (not smart).

“Muslims should rightfully see themselves as umat dakwah (proselytisers) who are actively trying to spread Islam to non-Muslims, so they understand Islam better based on the Quran and the Hadith,” he said.

“Islam is not rough nor does it seek arguments with non-Muslims... The image of Islam can be tainted by extremists.”              
Abdullah was little known until his comments were given prominence, and led to a chorus of similar calls from other teachers.

azlanStrangely, Abdullah had said that, while it is wrong to support DAP, it not harmful for Muslims to support MCA and MIC, because these parties support a “Muslim government” and have cooperated well with Umno.

"DAP's struggle is not acceptable under the federal constitution. They want equal treatment for Muslims and non-Muslims, for temples and mosques to be treated the same,” Abdullah reportedly said.

"It's compulsory for Muslims in PAS, Umno and PKR to reject DAP, which is looking for a way to control the country through the ballot box.”