Tuesday, 24 July 2012

'Nay' to Syabas takeover - cronies come first

YOURSAY 'This is Umno-BN's true colours. The interest of the rakyat was never their priority, but that of their cronies is.'

Putrajaya stops Selangor takeover of Syabas

your saySarajun Hoda: Why are we not surprised? BN has been the hidden hand behind this drama about water crisis in Selangor.

Syabas chairperson Rozali Ismail is Selangor Umno treasurer. For money, they hold the people of Selangor to ransom so that they could sabotage the Pakatan Rakyat government.

But this has backfired. Some things happen for the good of the people. This is one.

Selangor will take over Syabas and it is just a matter of time. Water is a state matter - that's under the Selangor government. So whatever they do, the federal government will ultimately lose to the Selangor people and government.

IVoice: BN will not cede control of water concessionaire Syabas to Selangor provided there is political mileage to gain.

They have no concern for the people even if water rationing has to be done. What is more important is whether money can be filtered through their cronies.
PaperRoses: Remember Ani Arope (AA), the former executive chairperson of TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad)?

Read part of his interview with regards to the agreement between TNB and the IPPs (independent power producers). It tells you what Syabas is about.

Question: How was the process of negotiations with IPPs conducted?

AA: There was no negotiation. Absolutely none. Instead of talking directly with the IPPs, TNB was sitting down with the EPU (Economic Planning Unit). And we were harassed, humiliated and talked down every time we went there. The EPU just gave us the terms and asked us to agree. I said no way I would.

Question: What about the pricing and terms of the contracts?

AA: It was all fixed up. (They said) this is the price, this is the capacity charge and this is the number of years. They said you just take it and I refused to sign the contracts. And then, I was put out to pasture.

AA: (Closing remark) This job is an 'amanah' (trust). You are entrusted with this responsibility and you carry it out to the best of your ability. I do not want somebody to come and urinate on my grave.

Cruel: This is clear evidence how Umno is extremely committed in ensuring their cronies get loads of money. Still believe the motto 'People first'?

MfM: Why is this even a surprise? BN will never cooperate with any Pakatan government.

BN does not respect the choice the people of Selangor had made. BN does not respect the people of Selangor.

BN is just showing exactly what they are like. They will ration water in areas held by Pakatan but let it flow in BN-controlled areas. Wait and see.

Retard: Come on! If they can pass ill-thought-out laws in Parliament in a day, why use "substantial and procedural matters" as an excuse now?

Thetruth: First, Syabas said there will be water rationing. Now, the federal government makes a U-turn, saying no rationing is required.

The Selangor state government was never even given a chance to have a say despite that this is a state matter. This is Umno-BN's true colours. The interest of the rakyat was never their priority, that of their cronies is.

Balakrishnan Nair: BN, please do not rob the citizens of Selangor to feed your personal greed. Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim is doing a great job and you are trying to throw a spanner in the works.

P.Dev Anand Pillai: Perhaps they should have a good read of the federal constitution - water is a state resource and the state in which the resource emanates from will have the sole power to determine how it is to be used and governed.

That is the reason why Putrajaya formed the National Water Services Commission (Span) to take over water management and continue to suck the people dry.

So if we want to live a clean and healthy life by bathing and washing ourselves regularly, choose a government that values our natural resources and manages it well.

Adaotak: Let BN be the opposition so that they can understand and learn to be humble for once! This is the only way out. We the rakyat have to work out ways to convince all our friends and relative that enough is enough.

Taikohtai: BN is playing with fire. Every voter can relate to water. Not every voter can relate to Felda, Scorpene submarines or even the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC). But water?

BN will get itself burnt and drowned at the same time if the voters are not convinced by its move. Khalid has the upper hand and holds all the aces. BN needs to bluff their way through, but the rakyat shall not be deceived and shall call the bluff.

Anonymous #19098644: It's time for Selangor to hold a referendum on water to let the people have their say.

Should Syabas be returned to the people and state of Selangor or should it be monopolised by the federal government in contravention of the constitution for the benefit of an Umno crony?

Let the people vote. And let people's power be unleashed.

Moontime: I suggest that Selangor go ahead with its decision to take over Syabas and sack the top management. Look, it's in the contract and it is within the state's power and rights to do so.

BN had never envisioned that they would lose power in Selangor when the contract was prepared. BN clearly doesn't like having a taste of one's own medicine.

Look at the bright side though, in a few month's time, BN will lose power and all this argument will just be a moot point.

Anonymous_4031: Please, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, do try to water down this water problem.

If you try to do so, then the coming general election will be a watershed; and BN will be thrown into the water when voters flood the polling stations; and your fellow MPs will soon be drowned.

When this scenario happens, there will be no lifeboat to rescue you and your fellow component parties.

That will be the end game. Ratepayers and taxpayers do not like to play your sort of game; and they are the kingmakers, like it or not. Never treat taxpayers, who are also voters, as country pumpkins.

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