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Make up your mind - Christians or communists?

YOURSAY 'Was it not DAP's mission, according to Umno, to convert Muslims into Christians? Now they have suddenly become communists?'

DAP: Umno has real commie links, not us

your sayJoe Lee: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is again showing how ‘bodoh' (stupid) the other side is.

Was it not DAP's mission, according to Umno and its agents, to convert Muslims into Christians? Now they have suddenly become communists? And we know that Christians and communists certainly don't mix.

We also know what mixes well with Umno - corruption, racism, cronyism, and not forgetting gangsterism and limitless stupidity.

RockaBilly: My God, Special Branch, didn't they teach you all how to write a good script? It's pathetic that you guys are running out of ideas.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein should send this ‘special bunch' to Hollywood for a course in scriptwriting

Mohamad Mokhtar Abdul Manaf: It is pathetic that such spin comes from a Muslim Malay officer who should know better the consequences of his evil misdeed under the eyes of Allah.

Should the Home Ministry fall for it, either they are downright stupid or are the perpetrators themselves.

Odin: The Special Branch's statements serve as yet another confirmation that Umno Baru is, metaphorically speaking, brain dead.

As a newspaper columnist wrote in his article yesterday, if you want to play dirty, do so, but at least be creative about it.

Umno Baru sadly lacks any creativity. It is totally incapable of spinning plausible, let alone logical yarns, to discredit the opposition and dissenting parties.

James1067: When you run out of ideas, especially when you are sinking, you grasp anything to survive.

The logical thing is to grasp something solid that will hold your weight. Here they keep on grasping the most illogical things which do not have any foundation.

Lim Chong Leong: Premier Najib's father Abdul Razak visited China and shook hands with communist strongmen Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai.

The communists in Umno were born then. Najib shook hands with current paramount leader Hu Jintao to further their communistic comradeship. Umno Youth and China Communist Youth are in brotherhood.

And the Special Branch is chasing shadows instead of looking under their noses.

Arbeena: In Malaysia, the word ‘communist' simply means terrorist, troublemaker, etc. It has nothing to do with China, Russia or Cuba.

NMNT: I can't recall the many communist countries or anyone intending to spread the ideology anymore, more so China. The minister must be living in the wrong year.

Starr: It's no sin to have links with the Communist Party of China (CPC), so there's no need for DAP to defend anything.

On the contrary, it's clear Special Branch chief assistant director of the E2(M) national social extremist threat division Mohd Sofian Md Makinuddin has ulterior motives of his own in revealing the so-called infiltration of the communists and JI (Jemaah Islamiah) in opposition parties.

Today, the CPC is no longer a rogue political organisation. The economic, social and political transformation of the People's Republic of China for the past 25-30 years has taken the world by storm and put the country in good stead.

Their standing in the international arena can only be admired by those which have fallen behind over the same period, Malaysia included.

There's really no shame in having links with the communists, who have often been demonised by the government propaganda machinery.

Let's not forget, it was the communists who fought against the Japanese occupation of Malaya while the British troops were retreating to the south. And it was the communists who fought against the British for independence of Malaya.

DesiKhan: It is wrong for the Special Branch to create artificial fear among the rakyat.

Malaysians should begin to ponder as to why we have these types of people in the police force, who should always be neutral in respect of politics.

Anonymous #69337042: What can they do other than lying, cheating, stealing and robbing? They are desperate now.

So they can only resort to telling falsehoods and conduct smear campaigns in order to get votes from the ignorant and the foolish.

That is how the corrupted and incompetent regime of 55 years wants to cling on to power to further impoverish the nation.

Anonymous #19098644: It is unfortunate that all institutions of state - be it the police, Special Branch, MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commision) and the civil service - have been infiltrated by Umno elements.

The only way to excise this is to remove BN at the forthcoming elections.

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