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Is it National Day, or Barisan Nasional Day?

YOURSAY 'They took the most important day in Malaysia's history and turned it into a political tool for the upcoming general election.'

N-Day theme song 'vulgar' propaganda, says lyricist

your sayLittleGiant: I fully agree with songwriter Buddhi Hekayat that the National Day theme song is nothing more than blatant propaganda material for the BN government. It clearly reflects BN's myopic view of National Day and the true objectives of the celebrations.

The BN leaders have already made a mockery of themselves with their out-of-touch egoistic ad campaigns using billboards, KTM Komuter trains, mainstream media, etc.

And now through this National Day theme song, they have made themselves look downright stupid and desperate, that BN has to hijack any national event to their advantage without any regard for the people's sentiments.

It is audacious that BN thinks National Day is only for them and not for the whole nation. Is this how the nation showcased its Merdeka Day celebrations over the past 54 years?

Dood: I can't believe that those are the lyrics to the official song for National Day celebrations. I mean, really?

It's more suitable for a Umno-BN gathering. But then, Umno-BN probably thinks they own the country, and ruling it is their God-given right.

Not Confused: I guess BN has to sing its own praises since no one else is going to. However, the theme song is totally inappropriate for a national day.

This is blatant election propaganda, and despite their desperate attempts to justify it, the rakyat are much wiser now and as every day goes by, they are judging the BN ship, which is sinking fast beneath the waves of disapproval.

Chuath: Information, Communications and Culture Minister Rais Yatim is the worse communicator one can hope to employ at that level, someone who has not made one sensible statement to bring the citizens of this country together. Now he hopes to be a song writer just to boost his own ego.

Chan Huan Boon: Oh my God, I thought someone was trying to poke fun at Information Minister Rais Yatim when I first saw the lyrics on Facebook. It's really hard to believe this is the National Day theme song.

Kee Thuan Chye: These are lyrics not for National Day. These are lyrics for Barisan Nasional Day.

CHKS: I somehow felt that this Merdeka day hijack by BN is a blessing in disguise - it educates those who are sitting on the fence the difference between loyalty to the nation and loyalty to a political party.

Tholu: A lot of the people who had fought for our independence and those who were old enough to value the eventual handover of our country to us by the British have lamented that the present younger generation do not appreciate and respect National Day.

They express grief that the post-independent generation do not honour the people who fought hard to get our independence and do not know the meaning of a free nation. So there were suggestions by the elders to instill in them a sense of appreciation, honour and gratitude for the people who fought for our independence and to value the meaning of a free nation.

However, this year's Merdeka logo and theme song does not reflect an iota of the value and spirit of independence. They (the government, the Merdeka logo and theme song) only make the present-day generation to think that National Day celebrations is a day of begging of votes by the ruling government.

KJ Lim: I feel extremely sick by this so-called 55th National day theme song. They dare demand voters to ‘return favour' as they claimed they have had delivered their promises.

It is their duty to deliver their promises and manage this nation well. If they are not up to it, then step down and let others do the job. How dare they treat Malaysia as their own property?

Louis: I will not even play this song on my hi-fi set even if they pay me. The lyrics are so childish and low class, even a Form Three student can write better.

Hmmmmmmmm: The song is amateurish and self-serving. It's a sign of desperate times for BN.

2lan: What do you expect when the ministry is led by a dinosaur? Rais is so out of touch, he is still living in the last century.

Anonymous_40a7: In all my life, this is the most desperate, despicable and pathetic attempt ever by BN to hold on to power. They took the most important day in Malaysia's history and converted it into a political tool for the upcoming general election.

There is no more Merdeka in my heart now. I will not celebrate it this year for such a travesty.

Anonymous #88975568: What "balas budi" (gratitude) do they want from the people? It is the government's duty to ensure the country progresses. Forget about Merdeka Day this year, it is all about BN. We will celebrate after GE13 when we vote BN out of Putrajaya.

Zar: These people are shameless. They are given the authority to govern the country and they ask people to be grateful to them.

Actually, they should be grateful to the people for giving them the power. This is the character of Umno people, who do not know what is service to the people.

Onyourtoes: We shouldn't blame the composer. Similarly, to the composer of this song, please don't for a minute think that the song is yours. You are just a low-end contractor, not an architect or a structural engineer.

Can we ever trust a regime to do good work when that regime is so blatant in abusing power, even to the extent of hijacking a national event to further its own political agenda? Think about it.

Ipohcrite: This government is truly dishonourable, but guess what, the slogan may read ‘Janji ditepati' (Promises fulfilled) but sounds more like ‘Janji ditepi' (Promises sidelined), signalling a government that refuses to abide by the rakyat's wishes.

Mahindar Singh: Truly they have fulfilled their promises after 50 years: of uncontrollable corruption, crime rearing its ugly head, an education system in shambles, of Cowgate, Scorpene scandal, rakyat having problems making ends meet, racism at its worst, cronies getting millions...

Scebacpm: This shows you how stupid all the top leaders in BN are, especially the PM. Just because of a simple national theme, he has been viciously criticised by the whole nation.

And to think the PM has his so-called research and advisory panels staffed with holders of degrees, including PhDs.

Anonymous #41809171: In 2009, former information minister Mohamed Rahmat, dying of cancer, admitted to the Star in an interview that his job was really propaganda minister to promote Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his hated policies.

His biggest achievement was the famous Setia song with its patriotic lyrics "Demi negara yang tercinta" that was broadcast for years, especially via the government's RTM stations - a song that became so popular that even non-Malays sang along to it.

Timothy: Umno-BN has become big-headed and arrogant by ignoring the contributions of the rakyat in building this nation since independence. Instead, they focused on themselves, 'How great art I'.

Let Umno-BN celebrate their way, we the rakyat can/will celebrate together with nasi lemak, roti canai, char kway teow and teh tarik.

Mob1900: Umno must have been infiltrated by communists and terrorists - their propaganda modus operandi are exactly alike.

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