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Chua loses on flaccid excuses in rematch

YOURSAY 'MCA chief Soi Lek can only rattle off government statistics and either offer weak answers or avoid the more sensitive ones.'

Soi Lek vs Guan Eng debate Round 2

your sayGalpasqueen: The results of this debate is 10-0; DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has won. The worst part is that Chua brought up Talam Corporation, Tunku Abdul Rahman College and the Penang Port. He should get very negative marks on these three questions.

On the alleged under-performance of Penang Port, Chua never mentioned or purposely covered up the fact that the Johor and Klang ports do better because the federal government is the one which channels all the cargo to the Johor and Klang ports instead of Penang.

Also Lim Guan Eng (LGE) should elaborate more on the TAR College donation of RM30 million to build hostels for students - MCA refused this donation because MCA cronies had bought over many houses in Kampar and were charging RM420 per month for a room, so if they accepted this donation to build hostels, all the MCA cronies would go bankrupt.

LGE is smart as he spoke a lot in Bahasa Malaysia as DAP is getting more popular with the Malays now. I do not know why MCA can be so stupid to let LGE to have this opportunity to have a national platform to speak.

It is also correct that Lim should not have another debate with Chua as he does not have any government portfolio.

Peter Parker: What's TAR College? TAR College means after we have paid our taxes, we still can't go to a public university and we have to pay more money through donations to set up a higher education institution so that the Chinese can get a higher education.

Malaysian Pariah: It is just sad that the MCA supporters are so tolerant and accepting of being a second-class citizens in this country.

What is TAR college but a mere MCA and Umno ploy to keep the Chinese masses happy? As taxpayers, you need to go to the streets and demand the right to education and not be proud of the TAR College.

Clever Voter: The case for MCA to be returned to power is weak, let alone getting people to listen to them. For more than 50 years of sleeping on the job, these people would have been fired long ago in the real world.

Claiming credit for TAR College is no longer a plus point - the education landscape is now different. And claiming credit for business success is rubbish; many Chinese have succeeded without any help, those rent-seekers who succeeded not only made the community pay more, but are also no longer around.

How many CEOs from GLCs - that incidentally control a large chunk of the economy from automobile, banking to transport, etc - are non-bumis?

Put simply, MCA has failed, and they should surrender and urge their declining members to support those who can do the job.

Anonymous #32993250: If merit was the order of the day, it would be unnecessary for MCA to initiate opening colleges like TAR College, that too after a great struggle with Umno, and even then their diplomas are not accepted by JPA (Public Service Department).

This was the most cruel move, especially when their diplomas are far superior to that of public universities.

And when PM Najib Razak accorded the recognition, it is now being politicised by former PM Mahathir Mohamad for reasons best known to him alone. Any country would want the best brains to service the country, but Mahathir is against this.

I ask the president of MCA, how can he be a partner in BN with this type of thinking in the coalition.

Odin: The point that the other Malaysiakini readers haven't raised is CSL (Chua Soi Lek) saying the two million brain drain was "normal" as it proved Malaysia's education prepared its citizens to be accepted worldwide.

Question 1: Is he saying then that the Malaysian government educates Malaysians so that they can be employed in other countries?

Question 2: Have all of the two million people received their entire education or only part of it in Malaysia before they secured their jobs in the other countries?

Question 3: Are having two million people working for other countries a normal thing and something to crow about? We are talking about qualified people or professionals, of course, and not maids and blue-collar workers.

Ex-MCA: My assessment is that Lim Guan Eng clearly won this round. MCA chief Chua Soi Lek can only rattle off government statistics and either offer weak answers or avoid the more sensitive ones.

One up for Pakatan Rakyat. Wait till you see the delayed telecast - they will censor most of it.

Rakyat Malaysia: Why is this debate not live on national TV? Perhaps MCA is scared that they will make a fool of themselves again (for all the rakyat to see) and want to edit and filter the live debate before screening it?

Sia Suai Lang: I have just heard the debate over the radio. Being a MCA member, I have to be fair: I declare that Lim won 14-0.

Chua is only good at acting not debating. He is good in ball carrying, not in looking the people's welfare. This second round of the debate proves Lim is better than Chua.

Survivor: CSL boasted about the past in which MCA was part of the government. He kept harping on DAP having nothing to show. However, he did not say DAP had never been in federal power.

MCA and Umno have been involved in massive corrupt in the last 30 years. This is really nothing to be proud of because the MCA leadership has not only sold their soul to their major partner but has caused the entire nation to be grossly in debt.

Voice: At last, a BN minister has admitted that the BN leakages and corruption is in the region of RM26 billion.

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