Tuesday, 26 June 2012

TAR College denies imposing "Red" dress code for PM's visit

The MCA-owned Tunku Abdul Rahman College has denied imposing a dress code on its students for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's visit tomorrow.

NONEContacted yesterday, TAR College corporate communication manager Richard Liau conceded that the college did encourage its students to wear the institution's official T-shirt, which is red in colour, but will not ban anyone from donning yellow.

Yellow is the official colour of the Bersih electoral reform movement, and it has been adopted by many other anti-establishment groups.

Liau, while acknowledging that there was a rumour on Facebook suggesting that there was a ban on yellow T-shirts, he stressed that it was not true.

"We did not say cannot wear yellow. We only told students that the prime minister will come this Wednesday and we want them to participate in the welcoming ceremony," he said.

Liau explained that the main purpose of the premier's visit was to launch an event by the Malaysia Innovation Agency.

"We think it is a good gesture by him (to visit the campus)," said Liau.

The rumour of a ban was started after a student who posted a photograph on Facebook, allegedly depicting a slide-show presentation by the institution (top-most photo) in which the dress code was specified.

'Advised' not to wear yellow

According to the person who posted the photograph, he was informed by a lecturer that all first-year students must wear red shirts and pants for the welcoming ceremony.

tarc assembly 300407 securityThe students are also asked to line up along the road at the main gate to welcome the premier.

A number of other students have echoed the original complainer - that they too were "advised" not to wear yellow on that day.

Others claim that TAR College authorities were promoting red because it was Umno's official colour.

Some TAR College students have vowed on Facebook and other Internet forums that they would wear yellow T-shirts, while others would wear green to show their opposition against the controversial Lynas rare earth refinery.

koh cher hao 240612But a few have expressed concern that they will face the same fate as Universiti Malaya student Koh Cher Hao (left), who was nabbed on Sunday before a dialogue between Najib and Chinese youths.

Koh was wearing a Bersih 2.0 T-shirt.

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