Monday 28 May 2012

What makes AG Gani Patail so omnipotent?

YOURSAY 'It's his ‘If I go down, I'm taking you all with me' policy. And that's why he feels he can do no wrong. Until BN falls, that is.'

AG's invulnerable aura begins to crack

your sayOdin: The accusations made by former top police officers Mat Zain Ibrahim and Ramli Yusuff have painted the government in a very bad light for the whole world to see, yet the accusations have been simply brushed off.

The accusations are serious; if false, sue them for libel/slander or even for treachery. Inaction on the part of the government confirms the accusations as true.

On the other hand, Tenaganita director Irene Fernandez is prosecuted simply for highlighting the lack of protection for immigrant workers. She is targeted for "tarnishing the image of Malaysia" and for making "seditious claims", etc.

Malaysia is definitely on the same level as Zimbabwe and Burma.

Headhunter: Attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail staying in power and his hold on the respective prime ministers is based entirely on his insider knowledge and personal involvement in all the murky wheeling and dealings of the prime ministers.

And that's the hold that he has over them. It's his "If I go down, I'm taking you all with me" policy.

And that's why he feels he can do no wrong. Until BN falls, that is.

Kairos: Kudos to brave people like former solicitor general II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, Mat Zain and Ramli who had the guts to come out into the open and expose the underhand methods and dark machinations within the Attorney General's Chambers.

It is obvious that the present AG is beholden to the political masters above him and whatever prosecution he decides to pursue is selective and politically motivated.

This is an open secret. But now, we have brave people with some degree of integrity who say "enough is enough" and have the courage to challenge the AG.

Our prayer is that more people who knows the ins and outs of the shady dealings of the AG's Chambers will similarly have the guts to stand up for what is right - for the good of the country.

Pronto: It's too early to judge Mohd Yusof as he might be another Trojan. Let us wait and see what the next show will be.

Anonyxyz: In any government or organisation, there will always be differences of opinions and approaches. Most of the time, people adapt and try to follow the top leadership.
There will be a limit though and when the line is crossed, there will be some who cannot stomach the consensus due to their conscience.

They will then leave the organisation and either join another quietly or just retire.

Do we then fault those who leave and argue that since they were in the previous organisation, they cannot criticise?

Mohd Yusof (since he did not join a political party and cannot be called a potential Trojan) belongs to the category of those who did not want to cross the line of conscience.

Swipenter: Abusing the law and selective prosecution is the specialty of Umno-BN administration.

The ‘independent' AG is the perfect man to carry out such special jobs to give impression of non-interference from any quarter.

We all know this is all bullocks. With Mohd Yusof switching sides, the show is just unfolding. Now that the show has begun, let us sit back and enjoy it.

We are bound to see plenty of dramatic scenes, twist and turns, plots within plots and plenty of never-be-seen special effects for the first time.

Mr KJ John: If the attorney-general has any credibility of his own, and respects the ‘office', he would either address all these related issues or simply step down before he further brings disrepute to the institution of the AG, and is one source and cause of BN's downfall.

James1067: What goes around comes around. The AG recently seems to face a number of challenges which he thought that he had overcome.

First Ramli, and now his former deputy Mohd Yusof, and also the many other wrong judgments which have been revealed in the Internet have come back to haunt him.

We cannot escape our mistakes that easily for God is there to remind or warn us to repent before it is to late.

Inspektor Klueso: The funniest thing for all is that all these fantastically pious and religious fellows - with their oft and frequent trips to Mecca to cleanse and answer whatever other loftier callings and purposes - are oblivious to the afterlife's highest court.

Anonymous_3e21: Abdul Gani was not qualified to hold the AG's post to start with. It was a reward for his successful prosecution in the Sodomy I case.

He was put in charge of the AG's Chambers to protect the interest of his bosses. He will never be replaced so long as the present government is in power, and that's why he is so desperate for Umno-BN to win in GE13.

Pick-a-bone: The AG is shameless and disgusting government prosecutor who has no credibility at all. If I were him, I would do the honourable thing - resign.

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