Radio Free Sarawak presenter Peter John Jaban was detained this morning at the Kota Kinabalu airport while trying to board a plane to Miri.

In a press statement, the anti-Taib London-based station said that Jaban, who goes by the moniker Papa Orang Utan was "detained, photographed and had his documents photocopied, before escorted onto the flight".

"We are awaiting news and also information on why he has been detained," the station said.
Peter, who has been on a holiday from RFS, was planning to return to see his family in Sarawak in order to celebrate the traditional Dayak harvest festival, Gawai.

He has been wary of returning to Malaysia, because of threats against the radio station made by certain official figures. There have even been accusations of sedition, vehemently denied by the station.

However, Peter was wanting to spend time with his family. His son has told the radio station that the family is extremely worried about his father, who's health has recently not been good.

The presenter has been taking blood pressure pills and has suffered the stress of working on a show that has received a great deal of criticism from  government circles in Malaysia.