Tuesday 29 May 2012

Police complete MIC-PKR fracas probe

The police have finished their investigation into the PKR-MIC brawl in front of the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) in Putrajaya on May 2, and have forwarded the results to the attorney-general's (AG) chambers, according to PKR's lawyer M Manogaran.

"(Criminal Investigation Department (CID) deputy director Abdul Sama) said the investigation was complete and had been forwarded to the AG's office, but also asked for any further evidence to be furnished," said Manogaran.

NONEThe Teluk Intan MP for DAP was at the Bukit Aman police headquarters this afternoon to meet Abdul Sama to check on the status of the case, having previously sought a meeting with inspector-general of the police, Ismail Omar.

The police want the people who took photographs and videos of the event to step forward and give their statements as well, he said.

However, he highlighted that a senior police officer at the scene had confirmed that there were CCTV cameras at the PMO, and the police should also look into that.

Still, he noted that the burden now falls on the AG to decide whether to prosecute.

"If the AG chooses not to prosecute, then we will take it up with his office," said Manogaran, but added that several questions on the matter remain unanswered.

"If the investigation is complete, why has no one been arrested?

"Also, we want disciplinary action to be taken against the police who were there that day (for not intervening in the scuffle)," he said, saying their inaction was in violation of the Police Act.

"We hope that justice is done, we hope that the perpetrators are brought to book," he said, adding it was for the courts to decide on the matter.

NONEPKR was at the PMO by appointment to hand over a memorandum to the prime minister about Reshina, who cannot sit for national examinations as she does not have an identity card.

The scuffle broke out when a bigger group from MIC also gathered at the PM's Office to hand over a memorandum of thanks for the PM's efforts in assisting the Indian community, especially on the issue of identity cards.

PKR alleged that it was the MIC delegation which instigated the fight, a claim that the party has denied.

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