Thursday, 10 May 2012

So Christian missionaries were driving the lorry?

YOURSAY 'Christians do not sink to that kind of a gutter level that Hasan himself revels in. Even when their churches are burnt, Christians do not retaliate. They forgive.'

Hasan Ali: Proselytising witnesses harassed

The husband and wife who came forward with allegations that Christian missionaries are actively attempting to convert Muslims are being targeted for harassment and intimidation said former Selangor PAS chief Hasan Ali.

He claimed that the couple have been physically harassed and were involved in an accident with a lorry recently, which he said may have been in connection with the couples’ video testimony revealing alleged proselytising of Muslims in the Klang Valley.

"The theory is, some say it was a normal accident, but some say that it has a direct connection with their disclosure in the video," Hasan told a press conference at his home in Kuala Lumpur today.

He added that the couple survived the incident, which took place just a few days after the video was screened for the media on April 2.

Hasan said that a police report was lodged, but refused to comment further on his allegations as it was "a police matter".

He said that he was very wary of revealing their identities since the beginning for fear of reprisals.
Last month Hasan disclosed two video clips, one 42 minutes and the other 16 minutes long, allegedly featuring testimonies by witnesses on a movement to convert Muslims to Christians.

Among others, the video showcased an interview with a couple who allegedly admitted to being converted to Christianity by a group of missionaries from Austalia.

your sayKairos: Jati leader Hasan Ali is at it again. Doesn't he know that actually nobody cares whether the couple got hit by a lorry or a cow because we have more important things to worry about.

Is he insinuating that the Christians were so affected by this couple's testimony that they sought revenge? The truth of the matter is nobody cares about the kind of lies or fabrication they spew.

Christians do not sink to that kind of a gutter level that Hasan himself revels in. Even when their churches are burnt, Christians do not retaliate. They forgive.

Clearly, Hasan and his ilk do not understand such higher principles. Shame on him. But as always, we forgive him.

James1067: To cover one lie, another lie have to be told. It comes to a stage where everyone can see through the lies.

Hasan actually is not only a liability to his masters but actually they are embarrassed by his antics and statements.

To even respond to his statements is a waste of time as he himself will help destroy his credibility and his masters.

Holden: Let me guess: Christian missionaries from Australia were driving the lorry!

REDHantu: Hasan is a dangerous man. He is an employee of Umno saying the right things for the party and till today he has not been arrested for sedition or instigating religious riots.

This is the plan - to create disunity among the races so as to consolidate the Malay base. Many Muslims know this.

As a Christian, I respect Hindus, Muslims, Buddhist, Jews and others. But this man is bad.

Antibody: If Hasan Ali can provide sufficient evidence to show that the accident is a set-up, then I suggest he present his case to the police and then allow them to conduct an investigation.

Hearsay is ‘fitnah' and it is worse than murder, according to Islamic principles. So, Hasan, don't fall into the Satanic trap.

Swipenter: How do you go about harassing anyone without knowing his/her identity and how he/she looks like? Perhaps just use your imagination, like Hasan Ali?

Disbeliever: Another idiotic sick-in-the brain politician.

If I am not mistaken the proselytisation videos did not show the faces of the witnesses who were alleged to have converted to Christianity clearly to prevent identification. So how on earth were the husband-and-wife team harassed?

Hasan Ali, you have not only sinned against the humankind but you have truly sinned against God Almighty.

If you claim to be a true Muslim, I don't think you would resort to such wild accusations. Obviously, you will face the full wrath of God in due course.

Yum: This man can make all sorts of inflammatory remarks with impunity, can't he? Too bad his ploy is not working.

Wira: Hasan, if you believe that there is a God, could it be that the Almighty is unhappy with the couple and made the accident happen?

Expect punishment from God if you bear false witness to Him. He may even order you to stand judgment soon. If I were you, I'd be very afraid.

Gen2: In a court of law, his witnesses would be classified as unreliable. First, they took food from the Christians. Then when this ‘fake ulama' offered them a bigger deal they were willing to be paraded as props in his travelling circus.

Probably now they find that he is not fulfilling his part of the deal so they try to apply leverage by threatening to turn back to the Christians who are more consistent in their promises and food supply.

Or else, his travelling sideshow has a declining audience (from 5,000 in Shah Alam stadium to less than 50 in Ulu Tembeling town ‘padang') and so he has to introduce a new act.

Again, he might be just following his Umno masters' orders to create a diversion from the Bersih 3.0 fallout.

Darrel Damian: It's not possible to convert a Muslim, even if their heart is willing, and the laws forbid it. So why are they so afraid of?

Lynn: Wait a minute. I recall that the so-called big deal video was just blurred images of two people talking.

They could have been anyone, although I would put my money behind Hasan Ali's poor relatives who needed some cash so got roped in to give the "explosive interview".

Since the video is blurred, how the heck would people have identified them enough to harass them?

Artchan: If a dog bites him, he will blame the dog is Christian. If the cat shits on him, he will say it is a Christian cat. If he falls sick, it is the Christians' fault.

This seasonal Christian-bashing season is here. Hasan, go get a life. What kind of Muslim are you?

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